Another good fast food lunch for diabetics

Burger King:

Chicken Fries with honey mustard dipping sauce
Side salad with avocado ranch dressing
Sprite Zero

30g carb total, pretty yummy and filling, lots of protein so can usually make it to late afternoon snack or dinner without dying of starvation. Low carbs and therefore insulin help with this too.

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Another good one is Wendy’s small chili & 4 piece chicken nuggets. 26 carbs, 25 protein & 5 fiber. It’s also easy on the pocket money.

Carl’s jr low carb six dollar burger is pretty breathtaking as well

I like that! Surprised it’s only 25g carb with the beans in the chili…

At Red Robin the other day I had an open-face burger with a side of steamed broccoli…and 1 of my husband’s onion rings. There’s a page at the back of the menu with all kinds of low carb options.

Any restaurant that has more than diet coke!