Food teasing me

I went to a meeting yesterday and one of the guys in my lab made banana bread for everyone. My mental reaction quickly progressed from :D! to …:confused: to :’(, because I LOVE banana bread especially good homemade stuff and I had run out the last of my Novolog pen at breakfast so I had to take my piece with me and eat it at home when I could grab another pen out of the fridge. I wrapped it up in a paper towel and put it in my bag, but it taunted me with its smell all day long. I hate when your food teases you. It’s my fault for not carrying more Novolog, but I didn’t want to risk the sky-high by eating the bread anyway and waiting the 8 hours til I got home.

In other news, I’m starting to look at graduate schools and it’s somewhat overwhelming. There’s a lot of good schools in Pennsylvania that have programs in what I’m interested in-- Penn State, UPenn, even staying at Pitt.–but there’s some really interesting programs at other schools that would require me to go further away. University of Virginia and University of Hawaii being two such options. I thought applying to colleges out of high school was stressful but this is crazy.

The best bad foods yell the loudest…LOL!!! Now you know to carry back up insulin at all times…

As for college, I would recommend that you try something new. Go somewhere else and if it doesnt work out then PA will always be there…Good Luck!

Don’t stay at your same university. I assume you are going on as an academic and it really looks better and IS better, in terms of recommendations and making contacts, if you go on to a different school.

That’s what my research professor told me as well and although I do love Pitt, it would be nice to have a change of scenery. I’d really like to go to University of Virginia or Hawaii, but it’d be nice to go to Penn State/UPenn and stay closer to home as well. My parents have been talking about moving to Florida like the true warmophiles they are, so University of Florida is also an option. Oh yeah, and the GREs…can’t wait!

Kudos for the willpower!

All are good schools. Don’t stay at Pitt. Charlottesville, home of UVA, is beautiful & a great town. Pick the one with the best grad program, not location. .

Thanks for the input everyone!

I am considering the prestige of the program, of course, but coming from doing my undergrad in an urban setting where there’s always something to see or somewhere to go, I’d probably find myself really miserable doing my graduate work somewhere remote. I’m pretty prone to develop cabin fever if I’m cooped up inside too long! :slight_smile:

Mmm. Yes, it teases me too, but I can usually resist. Actually, thankfully I do not have much of an appetite. But there are times when I think “S… it!” and get stuck in. It is such a nuiscance. I once saw a sticker on the back of a wheelchair containing a very large lady (!) stating “I like all the things that are bad for me and hate all the things that are good for me!”

As for the universities, all I can say is good luck. I hope you get your choice narrowed down and into the best one for you! Wish I could have gone to university but I was deemed too stupid to go.