I am eating like a wild racoon

Today I ate almost exclusively donuts. They were of varied flavors and brands. Chocolate dunkin’ donuts with coffee. Gas station powdered sugar minis. I can honestly say that I dont even really like donuts anymore (except the Super America Super Mom’s brand that are baked fresh every day - those are exceptional). I can say that I haven’t checked my blood sugar more than once in three weeks. Only have to survive until Tuesday, which is my last final exam. Low blood sugar setting in now. I think low blood sugar is contributing to me asking some stupid questions of my classmates. I had one really bad class where I think I could classify my state as borderline delirium.

But, other than that, things are pretty good. Short of a natural disaster (snow this morning caused some anxiety) or act of God, I will obtain my Master’s degree. This is gonna go down better than my undergrad. It shows that a little age goes a long way.

I’m a little superstitious about graduations due to the terrible seizure that finally got me an epilepsy diagnosis (a month before graduation last time 'round). That was after I had to re-take final project the previous semester due to any number of critical failures that I couldn’t even really properly classify into medical vs non-medical categories. I got it this time around. But, I can’t say that I’m not superstitious due to tragic academic history. I think there has almost certainly been a direct correlation between my personal medical learning/accomplishment and my GPA in non-medical subjects.

I think I’ve come a long way. Yeah! I guess, YEAH! Sure took a while. But, hip-hip-hurrah. I have definitely graduated out of being a terrible epileptic diabetic and borderline public nuisance. It took three degrees before I can honestly say that I am not a public safety threat. Quite the opposite, in fact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXdqQ183FQg


Man, I was SO stressed during the final six months of my master’s degree. I honestly don’t know how I did it, thinking back. My research had been delayed already, and then that summer while I was trying to finish my thesis I had a four-month period without income due to a prolonged strike, my best friend passed away very unexpectedly, I was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis (which is life-changing, like diabetes), and I’d agreed to run a summer camp last-minute. I had other commitments that summer I couldn’t easily back out of. I somehow pulled through and managed to defend successfully and get everything submitted on time. But, man, that was a seriously rough period of my life. I think it’s part of the reason I haven’t applied to a doctorate program yet: I’m still a bit traumatized, even though many of the circumstances were out of my control.

All that to say: you can do it!!! And it will feel SO good to be done! Good luck!


@mohe0001 congrats in advance! Now the fun begins… How will you use that degree?

BTW, very envious of the wild racoon eating. I personally channel my inner Homer Simpson and blame him…

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“I am eating like a wild raccoon”

Well, I hope your neighbors are keeping the trash bins locked up. :wink:

But congratulations on your Masters graduation!


Oh my gosh, Jen. Take your sweet time before gong back. At some point, life will level out and money will build back up. You’ll get bored and learning/challenging yourself will seem like a fun adventure again. I know that I am, personally, so sick of my own ‘ideas’ that it will take a while before I have anything interesting enough to say to make a Doctorate valuable to me. It will be nice to explore other people’s ideas for a while.

That happens in painting, too. Sometimes, you have a lot to say and you paint a lot and show a lot of work. But, then sometimes you get sick of your own work and you just want to look at other people’s work. Other people’s ideas become more interesting. You build up a lot of influence and inspiration, and eventually, you have something you just have to say again…that’s when its time to show.

I had to listen to “Art & Fear,” before going back to school. It talks a lot about the fear that surrounds creating something. The author is very funny. I think its relevant to many fields. Theres a good audible sample here: https://www.audible.com/pd/Art-Fear-Audiobook/B007V556PG


The future is uncertain, but I have some ideas. None of them involve making much money. Latest offer was making $1 less than before I started school (definite poverty-level wages). Many a graduate student has had an emotional break down this week to me about pay rates. But, I think the economy is on the up and up. Things are better than they were 10 years ago. Things will get better. Every time I graduate from school there is a huge national/global recession. I don’t think that will happen this time.

@mohe0001 if you can handle the insanity, Silicon Valley has some crazy wages. If you compare wage to cost of living, you will want to go elsewhere.

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My brother went out there for a while. I have a theory that California is where Midwesterner’s go to commit suicide. I think there are some cultural differences that make it a particularly difficult transition. Although, I spoke to a really sweet couple from out there last week. She was from my home town. He was from there. He said if I ever made it out there, they would show me things that “I never imagined could exist.” Got my imagination going. Probably next year I will go for the Diabetes Technology Conference. I’m gonna miss it this year because its during final exams. I’d also like to see the computer history museum.

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Congrats on your advanced degree, @mohe0001!

I’m a believer in life-long education. I received my Bachelor’s degree at the age of 46. My later-in-life academic achievements were not well suited to useful career upgrades but I did learn how to write earning that degree, a continuing source of joy and meaning in my life.

Enjoy your newly-minted achievement!


Holy cow, Terry. A BS at 46 is a big, big deal. I don’t think I could do that. BS much harder than an MS. They are really, really tough on you. I went back and did some undergrad work during my masters - the paramedic program. I again knew what it was to be treated like an animal. It was terrible. I learned things, but boy do they treat undergrads like crap.


I don’t think this is limited to Midwesterners. Calif from anywhere is tough.

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Congratulations on you graduation with a Masters :tada: :boom: :tada:. Simply outstanding :+1:t3:

As far as your snow, we also had a blizzard a few days ago. Doesn’t seem fair when everyone else is celebrating patio weather :beers: but this is how it goes north of the 46th parallel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Congrats! That is a huge achievment. What is your degree in?

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Congratulations on getting your masters. Well done.:clap:t2:

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@mohe0001 Congratulations on a wonderful achievement! I did laugh out loud when I read your topic title! :rofl::rofl::rofl: If there is one, that’s the good kind of stress eating!

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Congratulations on getting your Masters.

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Silicon Valley also has some crazy living expenses, housing prices, and so on.


But, I think I am confused.

Like a wild racoon, you washed powdered donuts before you ate them? That’s your method of reducing carbs?


Crazy is a good way to describe it… Or insane, or unrealistic, or…

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