Foods with proteins and no carbs?

I’m trying not to eat any carbs after 6 pm because it tends to make it easier to manage BG during the night (I kept having lows during the night whenever I injected) but I do feel I need protein (I’m the skinny type) and haven’t found many easy cooking choices, basically just eggs or tofu. I eat chicken, beef or fish at lunch and would like to eat non animal protein at night.

Any recommendations?

Broccoli, eggs, onions and cheese omelette.
Fish and veggie stir fry
Zucchini pasta with meat sauce
Canned salmon salad

Get a Paleo cookbook, there are a million recipes online as well.

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are you looking for an actual meal? here’s some snacking ideas

check out our recipes category, we’ve been adding lots of low carb recipes lately


Quick caveat here, be careful of vegetable protein substitutes! Before I would go to bed, I recently tried Textured Vegetables Protein which is basically re hydrated soy flour with almost no carbs at all in it and high in fiber. So I would not bolus for this. After 4 hours my BG when just start rising and rising with no stop. I narrowed it down to being a problem with just a super high concentration of protein. It was enough protein to cause a pretty drastic rise during the 4-6 hour range

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