50 Low Carb Snack Ideas

I came upon this list and thought it definitely needed to be shared. I enjoy several of these already. Please add to the list if you have more.

hard boiled eggs
peanut butter and celery
carrot sticks and hummus
ham and cream cheese rollups
pork rinds
cottage cheese and raspberries
string cheese
sunflower seeds
pepperoni slices and cheese cubes
stuffed mushrooms
turkey and Swiss cheese rollups
baked Parmesan crisps
bacon slices
beef or turkey jerky
bacon and cream cheese bites
pickles and cheddar cheese slices
bacon, lettuce and tomato wraps (BLTs)
tuna and lettuce wraps
asparagus and bacon bundles
plain, full fat yogurt
cucumbers and ranch dip
berries (strawberries, raspberries or blackberries)
lunch meats
sugar-free chocolate
tuna on tomato slices
shredded cheddar baked crisps
pepperoni sticks
zucchini pizzas (toppings on baked zucchini slices)
cauliflower and ranch dip
broccoli and cheese dip
avocado slices
edamame, roasted
tuna on cucumber slices
veggies and guacamole
jalapeno and cream cheese poppers
little smokies
zucchini topped with bacon and cheddar
zucchini chips
cucumber sandwiches
bacon-wrapped chicken bites
green pepper halves stuffed with pizza toppings
green pepper halves stuffed with philly cheesesteak
celery and cottage cheese
celery and cream cheese
bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts
cauliflower crisps (smashed and baked cauliflower)
deviled eggs
egg salad wrapped in lettuce


I just wish every single commercial brand of beef jerky on the planet didn’t have sugar added. On those rare occasions when I make my own, I don’t use any and IMHOP it improves the flavor markedly. Oh, well.

Anyway, I use a number of these but there are some, that hadn’t occurred to me, that sound really good. Especially the ones involving bacon. :wink:


Find a Kosher brand, @David_dns :slight_smile:

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You mean, where the pig was prepared under strict rabbinical supervision? LOL


I’d love to find some beef jerky that (in addition to sugar) didn’t contain pork and MSG.

What brand of Kosher beef jerky do you buy, Thas? Does it contain MSG?

great list - thanks for sharing!

I don’t, often… but I get whatever’s in the kosher market (sorry :blush:)…
Here’s a link to 'RJ’s: http://www.kosherbeefjerky.com/ Says: NO MSG and "Low carb

  • and… No pork, guaranteed :slight_smile:

Looks interesting, Thas. I don’t see nutrition info anywhere; in particular, nothing about carbs. My big beef (no pun intended) with commercial jerkys is that they all have sugar added. I’d like to know how this compares.

Take an avocado, cube it. Put it in a bowl with some cheese of choice and some hot sauce of choice (I use Frank’s Buffalo). Pop it in the microwave till the cheese melts. Amazing (a little better if you have time to bake it.

Take your lunch meat and dip it in buffalo sauce.

Actually, just cover everything with buffalo sauce (cauliflower is good)!

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Wow. Nice. I can think of all sorts of things to use this on.

Hey CurlySarah,

Thank you much for that wonderful list! Trying to adhere to LCHF and wanted to ask you guys for ideas as my old brain is addled. lol :roll_eyes:

I tend to snack on Scotch and Bourbon.


My husband and I recently went on a road trip, and I think I consumed about 3-4 bags of pork rinds during the duration of the trip (there and back). Never really ate them before but I thought they were perfect for a low/no carb road trip snack! The spicy ones are the best!


I may switch o liquor, wine stops being low carb after so many glasses.

Gin and tonic seems to suit me.

A nice vodka gimlet, Stoli with Rose’s lime, rocks, please. Thank you!

Better make it a double…

Midleton. Or if not available, Jameson 18.

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I’ll take a good ol Jack and Diet Coke.

Hmm, make mine a Saphire 'n tonic with lime!