Foot callouses - anyone using Quinnova Hydro 40?

I’ve been seeing a podiatrist for a nail fungus and mentioned that I have some callouses on the bottom of my foot. Rather than attacking them with cold hard steel, I asked if there’s anything else that can help with it.

He recommended a foam product called Hydro 40 which is manufactured by Quinnova. I didn’t find much through a google search on it other than the usual marketing and press release stuff. It appears to be a urea based solution (similar to the stuff I’m using on my nails) and thought I’d ask the assembled minds here if anyone has experience, good or bad of it.

Thanks for the feedback Debb. As long as I don’t get any responses indicating a limb fell off (or grew an extra toe), I may just give it a whirl and post results.

I’ll bear that in mind :slight_smile: