I am at a job where I have to stand in production all day. Sometimes I am limping to my car. I have noticed that my left foot tends to “swell” a little bit and them relaxes. Is this normal?

I am thinking about purchasing a shiatsu foot massager to help relieve the pain and soreness has this helped anyone?

I’m not sure what you mean by “swell and relax”. But I do know how hard it is to be on your feet all day. When I had a job like that, a hundred years ago, I found that pressure hose helped. I know that these are usually for people whose legs are swollen from heart problems or blood pressure problems, but nevertheless, they helped (I don’t know where I got the idea from).

Well when your feet swell they have to go back to a relax or normal state. I am not sure what is a pressure hose. I am concerned about my feet right now because my left one is starting to cramp on me lately. I am trying to drink more water to see if it helps.

Pressure hose are socks that are tight, so they help the veins get the blood back up to the heart. You can order them special at a pharmacy, because they are not usually available on the rack at stores.

I don’t know whether drinking more water would help or hurt. Swelling is edema, which is water retention, and the real issue is to find out why this is happening. However, a lot of women have “idiopathic dependent edema” which means that the doctors don’t know what causes it. It helps somewhat to put your legs up when you have a chance to sit down at home, but many of us don’t have that sort of time! :frowning:

As far as cramps, that can be caused by low potassium, among other things, but it is dangerous to supplement potassium on your own, because either too little or too much can be fatal. Next time you go in to the doc, you might ask him how your potassium is doing. And remember that cramps can also just come along on their own, without anything definite to cause them.

Good luck!

how are you doing?