For depressed diabetics in college

Hey all! I know there are plenty of college students on this site and plenty of people that are depressed. I was wondering how many people overlap in these groups. I really, really, really want to be able to graduate but everything seems so hard to accomplish. I’ve got to get my sugars back under control, my cholesterol was high, my depression is acting up and school is just another stress on top of everything. I was so excited to get back to school but it all seems so hopeless. I don’t even have my meal plan yet so I have had to pay cash for food. Sometimes I just wanna break down and cry but i guess you just have to keep on keeping on. Just venting and looking for other people with the same problems.

thanks for your reply and support! It’s good to know there are others going through the same things as me. Good luck on your med exams. I’m sure you’ll do great. I should be in class right now but i needed to refill my pump and my sugar was really high and i didn’t feel well. i just wish i could take a diabetes vacation! would you like to join me? lol.

Sometimes we all just need to sit back, relax, and “go to your happy place” in your mind. Try just doing one task at a time. I know I start a project, then another, then another, then get overwelmed and depressed because I feel like I have not done a thing! You can do this…don’t let diabetes win…

I’m going the same I do not know what to do, my mood changes constantly but I realize that… I hope to improve… here in Portugal whe do not have a great support for people with diabetes is what i realize in the end be happy and you will see that everything will be fine just dont stop traying be strong =D kisses from portugal (madeira) myriam

thanks for the comments everybody, anna, carlos, and muhammad! It’s good to know i have support out there. =D hugs and love from Pennsylvania

College does not guarantee depression any more than diabetes guarantees it. Yet both can be an obscene struggle to keep your head above water, sometimes literally so. The body does love to play games doesn’t it? Just for grins and giggle I’d love to be in “Esctasy” blissed out of my mind… just because I “woke up” kind of deal. It would be nice.

Don’t try for excellent control forever, the whole semester just try for just one single reading that is “perfect”, only one! Much easier and not so overwhelming right?

Things improving?

i like that tip, just one perfect sugar reading. i’ll try that!

Conquer the world one little reading at a time… if so, my ~evil plan~ is complete