For non-locarb pple craving bagel

I don't usually post here but just a couple words about my recent "new" find. I bought some Thomas Bagel Thins-- says 'new' on the package. Each bagel is indeed thin and has 110 calories, 24 gm cho, 1 gm fat. A regular bagel usually shoots my BG up to 300+ even with extra insulin bolus for the carbs.

I had two of the thin bagels, toasted, with cream cheese. I took at least 1/3 less bolus than usual, maybe even less, and they did NOT shoot up my BG. In fact, I am at 81 mg, 2.5 hours later.

I do not regularly eat bagels, just crave them very occasionally. Just FYI for those who do like them but find they make it difficult to control your BG. I doubt the flavor would make a difference but the only kind I eat is cinnamon/raisin. FYI. The other thing is that I prefer crunchy crusts and don't like all the doughy inside of the regular bagel anyway so it works for me in that way also.

I like those too! A bagel w/ a reasonable serving size is a good idea.

Sounds yummy - I will have to look for those tonight when out grocery shopping!

The Smart Bagels made by the Toufayan Bakery in Fairfield, NJ are pretty great too, and they have only 20 gm carb. You can get them in Kings and probably some other grocery stores.

I saw bagels the other day that, honest to God, must have been 6" across with no discernable hole. I cannot image the calories and carbs in something like that! Thom's make tasty products. Thanks for the tip. Mine is Low-Carb Mission tortillas at 6 or 7 each. They taste fine.

If you only eat 1/2 a bagel, it's only 12g of carbs, plus the bag lasts a lot longer?

These are very good. For someone that wants a true bagel with the more rubbery crust, a lot of the bagel stores bake mini bagels and they taste exactly like the big ones. When dieting I scoop out the inside bread of a bagel, leaving only the crust. The crust is what I am generally after. You would have to weigh the bagel if you did this to determine the proper carb count.