For those of you newly diagnosed with Type 2, THERE IS HOPE

I just wanted to tell everyone who is newly diagnosed with type 2. THERE IS HOPE TO CONTROL IT! I just got my last blood test result. In May of 2009, I, like you, was diagnosed with type 2. I had the good fortune to have a good friend who helped me learn very quickly to control it. My blood sugar and A1C at diagnosis was 267 and 11 respectively. I just had my doctor visit today. My blood sugar has averaged over the last year, mostly between 90 and 115 and my latest A1C officially…5.5. That is as of today, Monday, April 19, 2010. I did it with a low carb diet. Not only have I consistently controled my diabetes, but I have litterally never been healthier…REALLY. I have not had even so much as a cold, not even allergies with pollen so thick it covered everything, even to the point on a car windshield you coud write your name in the pollen. It is not rocket science. If you have type 2, it can be controlled with mostly diet alone.

Wonderful, good job!! :)) I also did it with a low carb diet, and went from 10.5% (in Nov '09), to a 5.5% a few weeks ago :smiley: Way to go. Congrats.

Congratulations on how well you have done!
However…the genes for T2 are not all the same with all T2 people. Not everyone with a high A1c will achieve great results as you have. Actually…it’s genetics not rocket science :slight_smile: Low carb works but it’s not a cure.
Really, I’m very happy for you.

I did the same, too. Plus, Byetta and Metformin. I couldn’t eat just low-carb alone once I got closer to 50. But with these drugs’ help, and watching my diet and exercising, I brought mine down to a 5.2 also!

Congratulations, Steve! Wonderful news & inspiring. Keep up the awesome work.

Big Congratulations!

It’s been 10 months since I found out I had diabetes and I feel better than I have in 10 years, and my doctor says I’m in great shape too. I went from 9.9 A1C to a 6.3 A1C in 7 months, tomorrow I going for my regular 3 month doctor visit and should know new week what my new A1C is, I think it’s going to be below 6.0 this time. Eating right and watching what I eat has made all the difference in the world, in my case at least. Keep up the good work everyone : )

What a great news for you , Steve …I am sure you do well with other tests too : BP, CHOL, eyes, kidneys …a lesson to be learned from you : it is possible for some/most .
Do you exercise as well ??

Been doing and feeling the same with metformin and been improving since diagnosis more than 2 years ago. I have never lost hope in controlling it and is still hoping I will still improve (will have another test scheduled end of the month).
Wonderful news and I’m happy for you. Great work!

I have managed to kick the pills. I only keep an old bottle around in the event of something crazy. I don’t go out of my way to exercise. The diet does it for the most part. My blood tests have been amazing. My BP is 112/77. Overall Cholesteral is 158.


That is really good news, I am very happy for you. It is good to know that diet (and presumably exercise) have worked so well. In my case, diet and exercise have basically been the only treatment of any effectiveness. Like you, I feel fitter and healthier than at any time in my life. I don’t get sick or the flu, even as the rest of my family seems to drop like flies. But over time, my condition has degraded, despite my best efforts. I’ve not been able to control my blood sugar with diet and exercise along, despite my best efforts. I may or may not be a T2, and I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but for some diabetics, even extreme diets and exercise won’t be enough. But in either case, you are exactly right, the best treatment for type 2 is diet and exercise. Research supports it. It is more effective than any medication. And if you really care about your long-term success and health, diet and exercise will be at the forefront of what you do to stay healthy.

Good for you.

Congratulations Steve, way to go. I have had similar results but I needed some help with medication. You should do just great following what you are doing.

A distant word of caution though, recognize that you have done some beta cell destruction. and as you age diet and exercise may not be enough to keep your numbers in line. Keep a close watch on your daily readings and if they start to creep up dont freak out or blame your self, rather get in and discuss what your options are with your Doctor.

In any event you should feel proud of yourself!

Just got my new A1C numbers, it was 6.1 : ) went down a little from 6.3 last time, but my doctor seem happy with that number and it’s been 2 straight test ( a little over 6 months ) I’ve been under 7.0’. Have a nice day everyone : )