My latest A1C

Well…I had my latest A1C Test last week. For the third test in a row…5.5.

I have done it with an extremely low card diet. Simple as that.

Awesome!! and Congratulations!!! I wish I had that much will power. You have some bragging rights now(:

Way to go!!

Fantastic! Beautifully consistent. Take a bow.

Great job. Paying the grocer and the gym is so much cheaper than paying the pharmacist and doctor.

Wow, that is beyond impressive. I’ve never had an A1C that low before! I have gotten down into the high 6s, also through low-carb eating. And while I was praised for that, I was then told that low-carbing is bad. Blah. I’m actually back on a moderately low carb diet of about 90g per day and seeing good results. I wasn’t even trying and immediately lost a couple of pounds and also needed less insulin each day, which was nice. My BGs have been much more stable, relatively speaking.

I am type 2. If you are type 1 as your screen name implies, it may be very very difficult as that is a totally different situation. If you are Type 2, it is as easy as going on an Atkins like diet…that is if it is true type 2.

Steve, T1s also use low carb for control. Best way I’ve found.

Congratulations On the great A1c reading. You are so right about low carb. That is my story as well. I used to run A1c at 7+. My last reading was 5.4 and I feel great. Low carb rocks.