What is your most "forbidden" food that makes your bs out of whack?

For me, the soft, hot, sticky, white steamed rice…it makes my bs level to go up to almost 400…yikes!

cereal :frowning:
i used to have cereal everyday…

pasta & rice seem to be ok for me.

i love cereal…like you i used to have cereal everyday but now no more…only twice a week…thanks for your reply…

some cereals are actually ok(special k, shredded wheat, kashi, etc), the ones with a lot of fiber. the only problem with those cereals is the potassium(theres a lot of it, and that is not good if youre on blood pressure medicine).

Starches, any of them, all of them, same thing every time. I had breaded calamari at one of my favorite Italian restaurants on Tuesday and my BG average is still higher than it usually is. Dextrose and Maltodextrin that’s hidden in artificial sweetners will do it to me also.

I avoid refined grains – but lately I’m finding that even whole grains will elevate my blood glucose levels and leave them there for long periods of time. I need to figure out what micronutrients we get from grains… breads and pastas a big trigger for me… if I have to give them up I want to know what supplements I might need to take.

PASTA! that’s the DEVIL!

regular milk = blood sugars of 600

I have to drink Lactaid or Soy

sushi - I love it, but I haven’t figured out how to bolus for it

Pizza. And it’s very unpredictable…my BG stays normal for about 2 hours and then starts rising erratically…I have never figured out how to correct for pizza.

Oh my don’t let me start! But here it goes…

Pizza, Donuts, Ice Cream, Watermelon, Honeydew, Grapes, Apple pies, Pastries, Rice, Cakes, Pineapple…etc

I can’t live without those!!! LOL and my problem is that I LOVE FOOD and enjoy dining while trying new things every now and then!! Am a BAD D person!!!

Thai food makes me BS go nuts :frowning:

And I love having a scone with a cup of coffee and doing the crossword puzzle but it hits my blood stream so quickly that my mind goes fuzzy and I can’t even do the crossword!

poptarts and donuts…that makes sleepovers hard…what else would some 15 year old girls eat at breakfast?

Hot steamed buttery rolls. Yummmm! They make my sugars go up like bamm! The worst drink on me of course is orange juice. I love it so and miss it so much.

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Any kind of potato chip, tortilla chip, goldfish or preztels. I think it is because it is so easy to overeat. I’ll be at 200-300 for hours before I come down. They are addictive. What’s carb addict to do.

for me it’s chocolate. i love chocolate especially those symphony bars. yum, but since i got on the pump i can’t have chocolate like i used to.

My worst thing so far has been Cheerios.

Cereal, any kind, cooked, refined, whole grain, you name it, and I am up around 300…sigh.

Potatoes will get me every time ,nomatter how they’re fixed. I can’t handle white rice but a little brown rice seems to be tolarated (1/2 cup)

Pad Thai chicken–at Pei Wei’s… I wouldn’t even dream of ordering it now that I’m trying hard to be a good diabetic. (the sauce, the humongous amount of noodles, even when I was being a less careful diabetic, my DD and I would split an order and still bring enough noodles home for both of us to have for lunch the next day!) Although, actually, maybe if I measured the noodles at home & calculated for them, it might be O.K.?