The Horrifying Time That I *Almost* Lost My Insulin Pump!

Yesterday I had a bit of a horrifying experience that occurred.

So, yesterday my mom, and I went shopping just like we normally would on a Saturday morning. We decided yesterday to go to Kohls because we had some coupons we wanted to use and there were a lot of sales going on that day.

While at Kohls, I had been looking at clothes because again there were sales and we had coupons. So, when I try on clothes, I will just disconnect my insulin pump as I just find it easier that way. I usually remember to reconnect afterword.

My horror story starts here. Yesterday, I did not reconnect my pump, and I left the fitting room without it. I did not realize this at the time because I was too distracted by other things.

After walking around the store for a bit longer I went to pull out my pump because I was just curious where my blood sugar was at since it had been awhile since I had last checked. To my horror my pump was not there. I was freaking out! I hurriedly rushed past people to go back into the fitting room that I had been in earlier only to find that my pump was not there either! This freaked me even more out! This is a device that keeps me alive LITERALLY! Without it, I could die!!! I was also thinking of what the hell I was going to tell my mother when I saw her, and what the heck we would do in general! I was in MAJOR CRISES MODE!!!

I decided I would check the service desk to see if maybe somebody had turned it in. I was hoping so because at this point that was my very last bet!!! I walked up to the lady at the desk and asked if anybody had turned in a pink pager deciding that she would have no idea what on earth I was talking about if I called it an insulin pump as usually most non-diabetics knowledge on diabetes is limited. The lady at the desk said that someone had turned in a pink insulin pump. I was kind of shocked when she said this because normally people I've encountered have no idea what insulin pumps are. She then explained that her little sister had a pump and was diabetic too. I thanked her!! I had never been more thankful for anything in my life! My life support had basically just been returned to me!

I was SOO relived and SOOO happy when this happened! It is kind of funny now what happened but, at the time it was HORRIFYING and I was TERRIFIED!

Moral of story: ALWAYS make sure you have your insulin pump with you!!

I am just so happy to have my buddy back attached at my hip where he belongs!

I can't even imagine the panic that would set in if my daughter ever lost her pump!

So happy to hear you recovered yours!!!

You know come to think of it where is my pump ? Surely its here some, of dam.

Never mind its on my belt whew LOL

Cayla, i can not imagine what you went through because i never take my pump off, except when i take a shower.
i wear mine in a small pouch attached to a belt, & it's part of my body.
i made that decision on day one of wearing the pump.
this way i don't worry about losing or forgetting it somewhere.

omg, how scary! This is one reason I hate to go clothes shopping (something I actually have not done in 4 years, can't afford it). but when I did, I usually clipped it to my underwear or stuck it in my bra while trying on clothes.

i also take off my pump when trying on clothes. for the next time, try to put it in your purse or just leave it in the pocket of your pants, so when you are done and put your pants back on you still have the pump.
i once also forgot to put my pump back on, but remembered that i had left it in my purse so it was still with me, just not connected.
hugs <3

I never take mine off except when I shower, I'm sure I would lose it shopping. I once couldn't find mine when my spibelt slipped into my sweatpants and I started to panic but I soon figured out where it was. There is a danger though of me not putting it back on after I shower, have to watch out for that one!

when i shower i place my pump on the bed next to my pants i'm going to put back on

Shoshana, when I shower I charge mine near my bedside but sometimes I'm so absent minded that I have forgotten, only for a bit and once or twice to put it back on right away. I usually try to do it now as soon as I get out of the shower so I don't forget. Putting it next to your pants is a good idea.. I sometimes lounge around for a bit if I don't have to do anything so that makes forgetting more likely. I hope I don't walk out of the house one day without my pump!