Forgetting to take Lantus?

So yesterday i forgot to take my Lantus shot which i take at night. Of course i woke up with a high BG (255), and i stayed high most of the day (although i took a couple extra units of novorapid). 40 minutes before lunch i finally came back to normal, i was 118. My BG before lunch was 77 =]

i was wondering if anyone has ever forgotten to take his/her lantus shot before?
what did u do to get your BGs back to normal?

Thanks :slight_smile:
The lousy and careless diabetic, Sarah

Hey…hey…hey…don’t be so hard on yourself. I used to hate that night time insulin (Levemir)…I’d fall asleep w/o taking it on more than one night. Most of the time I’d wake up and take it…not always though. You did the correct thing…proably the only thing that you could do. The important thing is that you got your numbers back in line reasonably soon.

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that’s why I take my Lantus when I wake up , at 7 in the morning. Sarah, was it too late to inject less of Levemir when you woke up?

i didnt know i could take it when i wake up if i forgot to take it at night (and besides i take it at 9:00 pm and i woke up late today 12:00) so i think yes it was too late.

but is it possible to take it (if i ever forget it again which i hope i dont) when i wake up??

Then take a little less than half your usualy dose…since it’s 3 hrs less than 12hrs before your next usual time for your full prescribed dosage…divide your usual dose in half…then multiply by 3/4

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Thanks a lot for the information Janice.
i would do this next time i forget to take my Lantus (but lets hope it doesn’t happen again) =]

Wow. I did not know that you could take Lantus in the morning instead of the night time.

Are there any others who take their Lantus during the morning? I am going to consult with my doctor, to see if I could switch to the morning. I think taking Lantus in the morning is a wonderful idea, because it is the start of a new day and morning routine.

When I started Lantus my Endo told me to choose the hour and I said at 7 in the morning. I know that some people take Lantus at night 22h (10 pm) but I can’t do this. How can I make my shot if I’m watching a movie outside, or if I’m at a concert or theater , or a “soirée”? it was too difficult for me. I’m not a sleeping person, so I wake up everyday at 6h20 in the morning, take my pills against hypothyroid, take a shower, and take my shot of Apidra and Lantus and eat my breakfast. I don’t like to stay in my bed!

I’ve forgotten a couple of times, but only for an hour or two. I have a travel alarm set to remind me, and also my watch alarm which is usually enough, but sometimes when there are more people around than usual and lots going on, I don’t hear the alarm or I get too busy. So far, so good.

when i switched from lantus to levemir a few weeks ago, i had been taking 100 units of lantus when i went to bed. usually about 2 or 3 am. i never forgot. so my doc said i should split up the levemir - 55 units at 2 or 3 am & 55 12 hours later. he said it was variable 2 hours so it has been fairly easy. i have a hard time doing the day thing cuz i never have before but i usually check bg 4 or 5 times a day, i take novalog before meals & also symlin so im getting more regular. i think the 12 hour thing is much better control & i definately like the levemire better = i have lost 7 pounds!!! finally, proof that lantus DOES put weight on - 40 lbs in 4 years. now i just need to get regular on xrsize & quit w/ the nite time snacking. someone suggested the formula/hrs which sounds the best if you do forget. rainbows & butterflies

I’ve always taken my Lantus in the morning, and it works well because it is part of the daily routine. The only problem I’ve found is that it doesn’t always seem to last a full 24 hours. I wonder if it wears off after 20 or 22 hours sometimes, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on the fasting blood sugars if you decide to try Lantus in the morning.

I agree with others; don’t beat yourself up over a little mistake; learning to manage your diabetes can be a trial and error process and finding out what works for you.

My endo said because its a 24 hour insulin, you just need to take it at the same time every day; although I take it at night before I go to bed.

Hey Sarah,
In the eight years of taking Lantus, I have forgotten to take it three times. I started counting out seven needles, one for each day of the week. That helped.I took my shot at 5pm. Life being what it is… I counted and had not taken my shot for the day. Better late then never as my doctor says. When I did forget, I used so much more coverage than usual. I have switched over to an insulin pump and use a post-it note to remind myself when to change my site. Not to mention I did many moreglucose checks to get back on track

what i do when i forget my lantus, is to just do some math

units you usually take divided by 24 for how long its suppose to last = xu
then subtract the hours it would of been since injection from 24hrs = xh
xu times xh = your dose

example: last night i missed my dose, i remembered at 8am, i usually take it around 10pm
so 14u/24hr = .5833333 24hr - 10hr = 14hrs .5833333u x 14hr = 8.1666662units
so i did 9 units for that little extra :slight_smile:

I’ve forgotten to take it a number of times going to bed, but never had an issue with my Morning BGs being to high if I forget, or getting my levels in range for the rest of the day if I do forget.

Only time I had issues with it was when I had to cut back on the amount I took at night, for several weeks I was riding high and not pleased about it (had to cut back because the twit TSA bloke confasated my supply when I arrived in the US, even though it was all labled and everything - had to wait a freaking month to get another supply shiped to me, so for that month I had to make the pen I had last for the full 28 days).

that is so weird because before I started on a pump I did Lantus and when I would forget to take a dosage my BG levels would be pretty good the whole day.

This has happened to me before. I take my Lantus at 9pm every night and one night I just forgot. When I woke up in the morning I realized what had happened and debated with my dad whether or not I should take the Lantus right then and there. He told me not to and that he would call the diabetic clinic while I was at school. Of course my blood sugars were high that day but I think they came down to a high normal around the late afternoon. I just kept taking my aspart and correcting the high blood sugars.

ugh…yeah i’ve done this before on busy mornings, which is when i take my lantus. half way through the day i realize that i’m incredibly sluggish and just flat out feel weird then it hits me that maybe i forgot my lantus. i check and sure enough i did. luckly the 2 or 3 times i’ve done this i’ve caught it early in the day so i just take my normal dosage and then i’m extra careful with low’s the next morning because of the overlapping lantus time.

iv done the lantus thing in the morning, in the night, and split with predominantly in the morning… I find the problem i was having was my insulin sensitivity at night was high…really high… saw a few lows with only 4-5 units of lantus at night…ended up going back to morning Lantus and upping it slightly…

I recently went off my pump because I lost my medical insurance. I am now on Lantus. I split my doses into half in the morning and half at night. If I am a little late it doesn’t matter as much because of the split doses. It works great but consult your doc before trying it.