(Formally MissFive) Hi All, doing better now

Hi All,

I cancelled my old page of MissFive and this is my new page so please add me as a friend agaon. Happy to say that my last A1C was 6.8 (a far cry from the 10.7 it was when I first got pregnant). Right now I am 23 weeks and will turn 24 on Tuesday. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday but my 20 week echo and anatomy scan came out well and baby boy was doing well. My doctor says our main concern now is to keep the numbers controlled so that baby's growth isn't affected. Give me some good prayers. More than half way there!

Thanks All!

Brilliant news on your A1c :slight_smile: Congrats on that, AND a happy,healthy little baby boy doing so well :slight_smile:

Thanks Saffy! :slight_smile:

Well done on your A1c, and the good health so far of your little one! I’m 11 weeks at the moment, got my next ultrasound a week today, hoping everything still ok. Looking forward to being a few more weeks along and getting a proper bump! Take care xx

Hi – just wanted to check in and see how you are doing this month!

Hi Kristen,

I havent been on here in a while. Im still doing ok. I have had some unfortunate life occurances happen that has given me bouts of depression and made my control harder so my A1C did go up a lil to 7.1 (from 6.8). I am trying to reel it back in and keep it stable for at least the next 6 weeks or so…I am now 30 weeks. Last check was at 28 weeks and baby was doing super. Now they are monitoring his growth and will begin the biophysical tests in two weeks. I hope he is still growing although I notice my tummy growing and his hits are stronger these days. :slight_smile:

Currently 32 weeks. Numbers are creeping up :frowning: and its hard for me to get them down. This started happening a few weeks ago. So we have gone up on my rates, hopefully that will help. Fortunately, Baby is doing great! I had my first biophysical yesterday and he measures in at 4lbs and 9oz, which is only 4 days bigger than he really is (they say its normal). He passed the tests with flying colors, everything is working right so far as they can see. Lets hope he stays in there and does well for at least 4 more weeks! The doc tells me that after 36 weeks its considered full term. keeping fingers crossed Thanks for the support ladies.

Glad to hear things are going well with you !!