21 weeks pregnant, Type 1, and doing well. (Half way there...!)

When I first posted on here I was kind of freaking out because my A1C was 8.2 and I found out I was pregnant. Just want everyone to know my most recent A1c is 6.0! I am so happy and everything is going well, and my sugars are beautiful. My high risk doctor has tried to mess with my basal rates because they weren’t up to HER par. She is the doctor and I should listen, but after her LOWERING my basal and insulin to carb ration my sugars were going over 190. So basically I gave it a couple of days and when back to what I was at before the change and sugars are find. I told my docs and they weren’t too happy with me and said for me to ALWAYS consult them first before doing anything like that. I told them the reason and showed them in my logbook when I changed to their’s and then back to mine and they understood me but want me to communicate with them before I take matters into my own hands. Just scared me when my sugars would shoot up to 224…granted having high blood sugars is part of having diabetes but still. I am 21 weeks with a little girl, I wanted to keep it a surprise until June but dear ol’ hubby just HAD to know. And even if he knew and I didn’t he wouldn’t be able to keep it from me. Sugars are great, A1C is the best it has EVER been since I got diagnosed in January 2002… I hope everything continues to go well, I am started to feel her moving around here and there, especially when I sit still for a while. When I went in to my ultrasound she was 11 oz, 7-9 inches long…amazing how they can tell all that from the ultrasound. Everything looked normal, the organs, the heart, the limbs, the head, the spine, and the ambilicol cord which was quite a relief and made me so happy. She looked like a little angel, or as my sister said an “alien angel”. I go in for my Fetal Echo March 16 to make sure the heart still looks good since it’ll be bigger. Still praying that everything continues to go well. :slight_smile:

Hope all you ladies are doing well in your pregnancy, TTC process, or being mothers.

Glad to hear the great news Hollie!! I’m 20 weeks, expecting a baby boy :slight_smile: All is going well for us too!

So glad to hear you’re doing well, Hollie! My baby girl is one year old as of this last week. It sounds like you’re doing a great job managing where you are right now!

Thank you Kristin and Melissa. Congratulations Kristin, I read on another thread you are on a low carb “diet”. Even though I don’t think I want to call it a diet. How is that working out for you? I swear, I eat atleast 70 grams of carbs every meal, sometimes less sometimes more I am on a 1:7 carb ratio. A lot of my grams of carbs comes from my juice, I drink atleast 2 glasses of OJ everyday one at morning with my prenatal and one usually later on. I know this is kind of a no-no in diabetic terms, but if I dose for it everything is fine. Plus our little girl loves it so much :wink: I eat a lot of veggies as well, been having a craving for tomatos like no other. Can’t wait until summer then I can have all the tomatos I want from our garden. Somewhere else where I run into the carb problems is with potatos… baked potatoes, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes HEY. My dear husband loves potatos as do I and they are so easy to make. So lots of carbs with those potatoes… haha. Believe I have been feeling her movements more and more. I am saying I “believe” I am feeling her movements because although I am sure those are her movements because I can tell the difference between gas and digestion and such I am still not 100% sure. Just when I feel little fluttering here and there and a jolt here and there I believe it’s her.

I am so happy, grateful, thankful~

I eat 185g of carbs per day, but never more than 50 at one meal. I think that I would spike if I ate more than that at once, but I know others can do that.

Do you test 1 hour after the orange juice? I think that would spike me for sure. Have you tried replacing it with the equivalent number of carbs from oranges? It might fill you up more. You would be surprised how many oranges go into a single glass of juice!

Hope that your blood sugars continue to be good and that you continue to feel movements! We just started feeling them as well!

It’s totally possible you’re able to feel Baby at this point. I started feeling BabyBL flutter at 15 weeks and everyone thought I was crazy, but I was absolutely sure.

I averaged about 180-200g of carb a day during pregnancy. Pre-preg, I tried to be between 90 and 120g. But I was starving during the pregnancy and they were preaching high carb, so I rolled with it.

oh how lovely Hollie! I can’t wait to feel our baby move. We’re 17 weeks now. We won’t find out the sex until our full anatomy scan which is mid March. I’m down to 6.8% A1c. I hope that it’s come down since then, but I won’t be too disappointed if it stays the same. I’ve struggled with a lot of lows with this pregnancy. It’s driving me crazy. My Endo is clueless when it comes to this stuff and my high risk team is extremely pleased with my progress.

So, I guess you and I are in a flip-flopped boat.

I always take my own dosages into my own hands. Essentially my docs are only guessing at which dosages to increase/decrease too. I’ve been type 1 for nearly 13 years and after two different docs sent me into ketoacidosis from messing with my medications too much too fast, I fired them and hired a doctor who was willing for me to take charge of my own body. Because, in the end, I’m the one who lives with this disease every minute of every day. Not my doc who sees me for an hour every two months.

Good luck, and healthy baby!