Fort Hood

Can we all just take a moment and pray for the soldiers and their families in Fort Hood, Texas!? I'm having a hard time grasping the reality that our own Soldiers would open fire on their Own. I almost expect if from non military, those lobbying against the military - as an act of open defiance. HOWEVER, I never expected it from people who are IN the military. On their own base. People they have trained and worked with.

I expect this kind of thing, because not much surprises me anymore (although anything like this breaks my heart/pisses me off) but I don’t expect it to come in this way.

My heart is so broken for the families of the 12 who have died today. I am praying for those who are wounded and receiving medical care.

Please pray for these Men and Women and their families. Please pray for guidance for the Army, the FBI and everyone else Investigating. Pray for the medical personnel as they treat those injured.

Whether this massacre was the result of PTSD from returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans or simply a case of “fragging”, we may never know. The bottom line is that the perpetrator(s) had serious problems. My heart goes out to the wounded and the families of the deceased victims.
(I would have hoped that “fragging” went away with the Viet Nam war.

Bethany, I understand your confusion, frustration and difficult time grasping the situation…I think all of America has this problem when we see our own attacking our own. It doesn’t make sense at all, but then killing never does.
The man who was one of the perpetrators was a shrink who dealt with families and men and woman coming home from war…think of the stories he has heard, the pain he has witnessed to. Does that make it right, by no means does it condone what he did. Yet, these men and women doctors and nurses are on the front lines working with the results of war, and they need to be aided also. The mind and spirit of all of the soldiers either at war or taking care of those returning is wounded, and this is something that can happen when not monitored carefully

Yes we need to pray and pray hard, that we can be a nation of peace not of guns and war. We need to realize that ANYONE can help another person, be they a professional or not. Keep an eye on each other…help and listen. And, yes, Bethany, PRAY