Forum N00b here!

Hola! Bonjour! Wahey! Top ‘o the mornin’! Whatever your language - hello!

I’m a T1 pumper (MM 722 - two weeks so far) and decided to join here. Place looks pretty cool, so - here I am. I was over at DiabetesForums but, I think I’ve worn out my welcome, and it seems a bit too . . . errr - whatever. I’m just glad to join a new place with new people.

Right now, my number one objective is to get my darn sugars under control with this pump, then I want to hack / reverse engineer this thing. :smiley: Anyway, here’s my breakdown: 24, male, dx’ed back in '98, and living in Missouri (it really is how it sounds . . . “misery”.) Just thought I’d introduce myself.

Adios! Arrivederci! Err . . . buh-bye!

(Disclaimer: I am no way a multi-linguist & my mood purely depends on my blood sugars and whether or not I’m having a cheeseburger for dinner.)

LOL! hello Froggy:)
Welcome to Tudiabetes. While you’re hopping around: if you’re in the mood for a bit of tightin up the body and losin some weight… Check us out at the Weight Loss Team:)
We set our personal goals,cheer each other on, no matter the speed of getting there.

Which pump are you using? And if you hack it, what will you do?

Are you trying to get to the data, or something else?

Hey Frogster - Here’s a forum somebody started on the hacking issue.…
I know that hacking a Minimed could very likely void its warranty.

I know a fellow NJ resident & programmer who worked on a contract basis with Minimed, meaning that programming work for Minimed outside California is possible. Probably the technical biggest challenge now is development of a paradigm for how an artificial pancreas will decide to deliver insulin.

Thank! Here’s the thread I’ve been following and have contributed to:

I wonder if your NJ programmer has done some Crestron work. Hmmmm. :wink: