Forum slowing down(discussion wise)?

Hey out there,
I have been some what mia here for a while and have noticed that allot of the posts on discussions have been made almost a year ago. just wondering if this is just in the discussions i frequent, or if this is a trend that all of us are noticing.

…andhalf the time when you reply, you realize it is an old discussion someone decided to bring up again.
Half the time because it was controversial, and they are still trying to make the same point!

I think there were just some old threads brought back up. I just look at the first few pages to see what’s going on but maybe other people have a different paradigm and “search” topics or something? I always think it’s interesting to have old threads come up.

Depends if it is useful info, or something a troll would like…

I don’t see that many trolls here though? There’s enough traffic that they are usually smacked down pretty regularly?

Guilty! I search topics and bring up old threads from time to time. People are often “trying” things and it’s helpful to know if it worked and how they are doing. I think when I first joined in June 2011, I brought up many old threads. :slight_smile: Joanne

It would be helfpul if people gave updates, that I would appreciate!

yes updates are beautiful. esp on a hot topic…

I think even somewhere in the terms of service or one of the other things we are supposed to read but don’t, it mentions bringing up some old threads from time to time. I think that is a good thing because we always have new people coming and they might not have seen the discussion from 2 years ago.

It usually slows down during the Summer Months… Vacations, etc…
Things will pick up later in the Fall and Winter Season
And their are Alot more Boards/Sites competing now than even just a Few yrs ago…
The ADA’s boards have dropped off considerably as well.

Of course, alot more Advertising and Getting the Word out would help…

I agree there does seem to be a seasonal ebb and flow. Looking forward to action heating up as the weather cools off and the days shorten.