How do you chronologically sort replies to forum qustions/repies?

I put a few questions out there in the forum section. got plenty of replies but seems like there is no sorting them by date/time. Yestereday's replies are mixed in with 2010 answers. How do I dort the replies so I can see the most recent response ending with the oldest? Its difficult to follow the thread without a timeline. Any help out there?

It seems like some old threads are coming back up for a bit now. If I haven't seen the people for a while, I refer to them as "ghost threads" in my head. I figure people are "searching" for a topic and find an old topic that seems appealing but I'm not really sure.

The threads themselves can be very convoluted. If people don't consciously go to the end of the thread, you can have one conversation on p. 2 while another one goes at the end and maybe a couple more here and there. In my head, I refer to that as "backfilling." Sometimes if it's convoluted enough, I'll walk away from things. It's all good but sometimes just having posting at the end would make it more organized but you'd lose some of the "cocktail party" ambiance too.