Found out what Provera does to my blood sugar

Well I took the first dose of the Provera yesterday and my diabetes doesn’t like it. My sugar spiked so high that it wouldn’t register on my meter and my meter goes to 600. I haven’t had a blood sugar that high in years. It took me 30 units of insulin, 10 units every hour until it finally dropped below 200. I paged my doctor and since I had no signs of being sick, no temperature nothing we decided it had to be the Provera. I don’t even go that high when I am sick. So now it looks like for 10 days every month at least I am going to have to up my basal rates. At least with my pump it should be easier to handle and will have to make sure I am wearing my CGMS during that time to keep a closer eye on my sugars. I forgot how bad it feels to be that high. My body just aches today.

OMG! That is high! I am glad you will be able to bring it down. How long do you have to take the medication

I have to take it for 10 days each month. I think if it continues to raise my sugar this high I am going to talk to my gyno about taking me off of it because I do not want to risk complications from my sugar being so high.

Wow! that’s not a good drug for your diabetes, I hope the gyno can do something different for you.

Hmm - I took Provera for a week or so and didn’t have that reaction at all! I’m so sorrrrrry that happened! It just goes to show that every body is different. Man!

I’m so sorry to hear about this! I know how crumby it feels to spend time THAT high. I also hope that you are able to find an alternative treatment. I wonder if it makes you resistant to the insulin or what exactly causes the high. Of course, it’s easy for you to set a much higher basal rate for those days, but it seems strange that it would affect your body that strongly. Keep us posted!