I posted this on discussion board yesterday and I am hoping I will get some replies here

Yesterday I went for my 3 month check up to see if the pre cancerous cells are back or have changed. Ever since surgery in March my periods have been messed up. I have a period one day out of every 3-4 months and my gyno is afraid that the cancer may come back full force if I am not having regular periods. So he put me on 5 mgs of Provera twice a day for 10 days out of every month. While I know having my period can mess with my blood sugar levels I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Provera affecting blood sugars. My pharmacist said there is a chance but there is always a chance with any medications that it could happen. My gyno does not know for sure either. I can’t find anything online about it either, but I am hoping with all the people that are in here someone might have some experience with it.

Cody, did you try the Women’s Group? i’m sorry, but everything stopped for me when i was diagnosed with diabetes, so i don’t have any answers for you.

Cody, I am sorry I don’t have any answers for you either:(