Provera hormone (ladies) and blood sugars

Hello everyone…I haven’t had a period in 8 months (since diagnosis) so I have to take Provera for 10 days starting tonight. I have read it can cause erratic blood sugars. Does anyone have any experience taking this? I have to take it since i have low estrogen levels, but I am nervous. I have had great control this past week and I don’t want to lose control! Any experiences would be helpful.

I just finished 10 days of Provera and didn’t notice any change in my BG. I wear a CGM, so I have 24x7 access to my #s, and I experienced no unexplained highs or lows.

But, as with everything, YDMV.

Thanks! I know everyone’s different, but I have some anxiety about taking a new medicine, so this helps to make me feel better at least! :slight_smile: