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Ever since I have had to have surgery in March on my cervix to remove pre cancerous cells my period is irregular. By that I mean one day every 3-4 months. Yes it is great to have a period like that but I also know it is not normal. Today I went for a follow up with my gyno and I told him so he has started me on Provera. I have to take this twice a day for 10 days each month so that I start to have a period again. What I am wondering is if anyone has been on this before and if it affects your blood sugar. I know the monthly cycles can affect blood sugars, but in the past when I have had my period for longer than a day it has never affected me. Does anyone know if this will raise my blood sugars being on the medication?

Cody, I don’t have an answer, but just wanted to reply to bump this discussion back on the main page. I hope that someone will be able to give you some information about this. Hoping for the best…

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I posted on this very topic a little while ago. My wife was having period problems and the Dr. put her on this.

He diabetic specialist took her off! IMHO, based on my wife's horrible experience, Provera should be contra-indicated for ANYONE with diabetes!


Turned out my obgyn made a major mistake and failed to do a pregnancy test before putting me on it. I was pregnant at the time, which I didn't find out until Jan of 2009 when i was 7 months along. I know have a happy healthy 3 year old against all odds.

Wow what a mistake by the obgyn. Thank God for good outcomes. A healthy 3 year old is truly a blessing. I shudder to think that the outcome may have been different after missing 7 months of prenatal care that is so important for women with D.

Gary S