Starting OmniPod on Tuesday, Any Suggestions?

I’ve read into a lot of these discussions and come across a few great tips, along with what the training told me at our first meeting. However does anyone have any suggestions they wished they had known when they first started?

I’ve never used a pump before and I’m newly diagnosed (in Oct 2010), so this is still fairly new but I’ve been told by all of my doctors I’m doing better than most at this point! I’m still in my “honeymoon” phase.

Oh, and does anyone know the cheapest place to purchase FreeStyle test strips? I can get them at only 30% through my insurance and that’s about $0.40 a piece but anyone know of it cheaper?

Also: I’m about 2 hours from the Canadian border. Has anyone tried to purchase insulin from there before, and how does it work if so?

Last thing! I’m a student and don’t really have the money to purchase diabetes supplies. I’m borrowing from my parents right now. Do you know of any programs like “financial aid” for diabetics?

Any help is greatly appreciated! I’m so glad I found this site!


For the test strips go to the freestyle webpage and sign up for the freestyle is a prescription discount plan and you will only have to pay $15 for the strips.
I just started on the pump in February. It is my first pump too and I have been diabetic 27 years. I love the Omnipod. I am starting on the Dexcom 7 on Wednesday and very excited. The pump brought down my A1c from 10.5 to7.6 and I am hoping the cgm will help even more.
This forum is AWESOME! If you have any questions ask ands they shall be angered.Good Luck!

Did you get Skintac and Unisolve wipes? Love those and how they keep it on and take it off. If you have an Omnipod instructor in your area… use them…a lot… once we started doing that… things go sooo much better. My son is 17 and has been on it a little over a year now. Good luck!

Wow! 27 years without a pump! That’s a huge deal then!

It says that you only pay a $15 copay but if what I am getting is not generic from the pharmacy, I don’t pay a copay anyway, I only pay 30%…so I don’t know how that will work for me. I’ll have to look into it, thanks!

Yeah I am hoping it brings my 8.7 A1c down! I’d like to get to 6.5.

I have never heard of the Dexcom before…what is that?

No I’ve been wondering where I can get those.

I am seeing my trainer (RN) on Tuesday, I already have a meeting with her yesterday so I’m on the right path, then.

I’m a college student with a hectic schedule. I am so glad people have such positive stories about this now. I’m sure it’s going to make my life so much easier!