Free Foods

I would like to hear suggestions for free foods. My son is super picky about food. We usually do sugar free popscicles.

He won’t do cheese.

Any suggestions would be grateful.

My son is 12.

I would like to hear suggestions on this topic as well. My daughter’s favorite free foods are sliced salami and turkey dogs but I feel bad giving her too much of those because of the saturated fat. She doesn’t like eggs. She will sometimes eat raw veggies with dip which is almost free. We use the yogurt dip which is only 1 or 2 carbs.

When we first started, the kids were eating lots of cheese and turkey wraps (so you could do just turkey), small portions of carrots and strawberries too. Just be careful, because too much “free” food adds up! Now that we are pumping, they bolus for everything - our endo’s motto is “there’s no such thing as free food”!

My daughter enjoys the “free” snacks/treats listed below, most of them drive me nuts so I usually give her cheese, sliced deli meat (no nitrate or msg) or a few pistachios. Sometimes I just tell her to grab a piece of gum and it does the trick until the next meal or snack. My girl has never liked vegetables, maybe some day.

Any type of diet soda w/ a small scoop or two of Regular Cool Whip
SF Jello
SF Jello with a dab of Cool Whip

My 11 year old is very picky, too. Very little meat, no cheese.
sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello by itself or with cool whip or whipped cream, pork rinds (crunchy like chips, but no carbs), scrambled eggs, bacon, cucumbers, salad, pistachios, soy beans.

My daughter likes olives. There are many varieties, and her favorite is kalamata. She also eats cucumbers. The persian cukes are excellent. She snacks on almonds, which are very low carb, and also come in many varieties (as well as have many other healthy qualities). I believe most nuts are very low carb, have protein, are filling and come in many varieties: roasted, raw, salted, plain, etc. She’s not much of a meat-eater, but I give her bacon with the fat trimmed off.

My son loves slim jims and they are great to keep in back packs and binders. You could also give him a spoon of peanut butter. My son doesn’t love cheese, but I have been able to get him to eat the white string cheese. He also likes bacon and eggs. I will say that he ate alot of free foods when first diagnosed, for about the first month or two, now four months in he rarely needs a snack unless he is low.

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Thanks for all the great ideas. I will definitely try some of these. Thanks for the support!

My son does lots of cheese, turkey, pork rines, pickles, SF jello, sf popcicles, pepperoni (just recently) ham squares, small amt of popcorn. He’s on a pump now, so things are quite as a big deal as before. We just put in how ever many carbs and go.

Thank you for all of the great ideas!

That’s our endo’s motto too!