FREE! Test Strips

[ Draft ]My pharmacy gave me 100ct Freestyle test strips by mistake. I have a Freestyle lite and the strips will not work for me. Is there anyone who could use them???

SSmile :wink:

There are a lot of people who could use the older Freestyle strips… check with Manny, or with Christopher Thomas at Diabetic Rockstar (

Before doing that, though: did you go back to the pharmacy and tell them they mis-filled the order? My Other Half has had an ongoing issue with CVS trying to fill his Freestyle (original/Flash) prescription with Freestyle Lite strips. He checks the order before he leaves the pharmacy counter and makes sure it’s filled correctly.

You should definitely see if you can trade it in! I guess that they should do that!!

I would gladly take them off your hands (I am buying them OTC right now while waiting for my insurance to approve the qty I need), but I think the first thing you ought to do is get the pharmacy to trade them for what you really need.

I had already opened the box so they won’t take them back.

They still need to correctly fill the prescription. You may need to show evidence that they gave you the wrong thing (bring your meter, an old vial or box of strips, and the current box of strips). If you opened one of the vials, they may need to see that this strip does NOT work in your meter.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow exchange of diabetes supplies in the community as it puts us (and you) at risk because we are not licensed to allow this.

However, I am going to suggest an outlet for your excess supplies that you have no use for: contact Lahle Wolfe @ They are a nonprofit that does exactly what you are asking for, taking supplies to distribute among those who need them and they are licensed to do this.

oops sorry didn’t know :frowning:

I looked at, and they can’t accept open containers, either. I think your best bet is to go to back to the pharmacy.


do you still have any free test strips? I am super interested!