Freestyle Aviator pump has FDA Pre market approval

Now we just have to see how long it takes to come to market…

Im sure this is going to hit the market just in time for the cozmo users to switch.

Something to think about for 2010 when I may upgrade.

I looked for pictures too and couldn’t find anything!

Any ideas when this might come out?

I got the impression that it was more like the PING, a pump with tubes and a fully functional remote control. But I might be mistaken.

I got that impression also.

apparently there were some pictures and a manual online less than a month ago, but those links are dead…

I didn’t see them, but it sounds like it’s not a pretty device from the other’s reactions. I would think that could probably change with the final version.

I am a huge fan of the freestyle meters, so I’m definitely hopeful about this pump

I found a link to the instruction manual for the aviator on the following

Here are the direct links.

Instruction manual:…ive_or_pdf=pdf

pt. 2…ive_or_pdf=pdf

Thanks to Kel Varnsen