Which Pump?

Mr Newbie here, I am looking into pumping, never even seen one yet, but I got ants in me pants to consider pumping. I have loads of QUESTIONS and want to hear from others ALL about their pumps the good points and bad, cost factor, user friendly (or not), ease of programming (hey I know they need to be programed), Would not mind to see photos of pumps as well. I am an olde grumpy grouchy olde fuddie duddie of an foggy with complications, I hope to stabilize better.

So If you would please humor this odle (62) dude I sure would appreciate it.

(*&( GOMER (mil-speak for Get Out!, My Exam Room)

I’ve been on the Medtronic minimed Paradigm 515 for a little over 3 yrs.

I just switched to the silhouette insertion sets, I love them…so far. I just inserted my first one today…we’ll see how it goes.

I’m curious about the omni pod and just ordered a free trial on their website.

im on the Animas pump- love it and easy. actually if you go on the animas website they have a virtual pump that you can play around with and see how it works!

tell me please where i can buy abbott freestyle navigator

I have the blue Cozmo pump. The best picture I’ve seen of it is on a blog review of the device, at http://srirambala.com/?p=266.

I had the Minimed Paradigm 511 and later the 512 for 6 years, and now that I’m using the Cozmo I absolutely love the control I am getting. Far more interactivity with the pump, and especially if you have a good CDE to partner with, it is an amazing device between setting it up with the computer, uploading all your info to the computer every once in a while, and then analyzing your data with the Cozmo software, plus the Abbott CoPilot software (which can transfer the data directly into itself from the Cozmo software).

I decided on the Cozmo because I did not want a big pod on me (you can get one in the mail, stick it to yourself, and see what it’s like in “real life”), I did not want a separate device I had to carry around and could not lose (the Animas Ping has a great system, but if you lose meters like I do every once in a while, you are out a few hundred bucks to get another one), and I wanted to grow to the next level (Minimeds are a simple system, not very interactive compared to the Cozmo and the Animas).

If you are using insurance, usually the costs are very similar to the end-user.

First things first: do you have a good CDE in your area, who has a lot of insulin pump patients? If not, it looks like you might try connecting with Jackson Pumpers. Contact person is Pennie Hitt 517-784-7572. Find a good CDE and go from there. Get all the info on all the pumps and decide together what makes sense for you. Then if you want you can arrange a test run with your local rep. Cozmo reps are very helpful, by the way, which is another neat thing about that company.