Here's what many of you have been waiting for!

Me, I'm just happy if they keep producing the Ping (because it is behaving better than my MM Revel.)

It's about time.


Thanks for the info. I just wonder how much I will like the Ping since it doesn’t have a remote. I keep my pump inside my body (in my bra or in my panties) so I can’t imagine how I would be able to see what my blood sugar level is. Maybe this will only work for those of us who wear the pump outside our body?

I doubt I will switch to the vibe because I often have my pump tucked where it isn’t easy to get out. I don’t have CGM yet, but I’m really thinking about it. For me I think it would make more sense for me to have them separate so I could keep my pump where I like it and carry the CGM display where it is easier to access. Not to mention I could still use my meter-remote to bolus, without having to dig my pump out.

Same here. I'm sticking with keeping my pump in a Medtronic "Leg Pouch". I even sleep with it on my leg. In the summer (which is short here in Seattle) I keep Dex and my pump in my pockets when I'm wearing shorts.

I'm experimenting, and predicting much better BG using my old Ping than I was getting with my Revel. At the very least, if the Animas name is out there and they are selling products, hopefully if I need a new ping they will be available! I dont want a CGMS so....the news just makes me think at least they are doing ok as a pump company!

I was possessed yesterday trying to talk to the Animas sales folks and get in the queue for the Vibe but they were totally slammed. I did leave a message as well as filling out their online I want one form. This morning I called right before 9 AM and spoke to them...units will be shipping mid January which may be a righteous PITA as far as deductible and insurance cards changing the first of the year. I'll roll with things as they happen.
If the good folks at UHC change their ever loving minds on coverage for the G4 sensors, it's possible I may switch to the Ping and then grab a G4 when Medicare changes their stoopid(SIC) bean counting minds on coverage. Fingers crossed UHC sticks with the verbal approval given a couple months ago.