Freestyle Libre: Alternate sites?

I might be between CGM’s later this month while I work to have all my prior authorizations and red tape for the Eversense squared away with my rinky dink health insurer. I am considering using the Freestyle Libre for a few months to tide me over into 2019 because I have stockpiled some LIbre 10 day sensors and would like to use them up.

Question: Has anyone had success with alternate sites for the Libre sensor? I tried the Libre earlier this year and was generally happy with durability and accuracy but discovered that I can’t get a reading through my hockey pads on the upper arm. I’d like to try belly placement or lower side abdomen but understand these alternate sites are strongly discouraged by Abbott.

I saw a PDF created by Abbott showing results on the stomach verses arm

The arm won

I cannot find it now

Try it - it could work for you

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Might try one sensor on back side of abdomen, sort of 8:00 or 4:00 if my navel is 12:00 and just below the ribs…the flesh there feels sort of similar to the recommended area on my upper arm. That’s one spot my hockey pads don’t cover. Although so far I’ve heard of no successes with any sites other than the upper arm.

Accuracy and precision of flash glucose monitoring sensors inserted into the abdomen and upper thigh compared with the upper arm.