Freestyle Libre sensor site?

Hi, quick question, have anyone ever tried another site than the back of the arm for the sensor? I wamt to try my stomack or my upper leg, anywhere but my arm… Thanks for the answer!

It’s only approved for the back of the arm

Okay, well i didnt take any chance and put it there, but it bleed and hurt so i had to take it off… anyways thanks for the answer!

My sensor fell off and I didn’t feel it, had 8 days left on it

We are Dexcom users. If we have a sensor related issue within the seven days of its original insertion then we call Dexcom Technical Support to discuss the issue as well as to request a replacement sensor be shipped at no additional charge.

Would this be relevant for the Freestyle Libre as well?

I just recently had a Libre sensor stop working after two days, even though it was still firmly attached. I phoned Abbott and they sent me an email form to get a replacement at my local pharmacy. They also sent a box to return the faulty sensor. There were a couple of questions during my phone call, but this was about as hassle-free as it gets!

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My 2nd sensor fell off tonight…

Look for skin-tac, pump and cgm user use this or something similar to help hold everything in place here is the link

May not be good looking, but puting tape over it, or a tight fabric around your arm could help?

I don’t know how you prepare the sensor site but here’s how I do it. While I use the Dexcom system, my experience may help you.

I use a wash cloth with hot water and soap to throughly wash, rinse and dry the intended site. When I dry the site, I use a clean towel and gently abrade the site turning the skin slightly red. I then place the device.

I then paint Skin-Tac over the top to the device bandage but I’m unsure if much of the adhesive bandage on the Libre is exposed. In any case, I think the extra attention to cleaning the site may help with keeping the Libres attached to you for 10-14 days.

I tried both right and left arms, my abdomen, and my thigh. All sites were equally as inaccurate as the next. I gave up on the Libre after that, but I wanted to try all options before calling it quits. The only difference between sites I could see was that arms consistently read higher than my meter, and abdomen and thigh always read lower.

And look what I have also found!!

I thought the Skin-Tac was supose to go under the device, between the skin and the “sticky” face? Not over device/sensor…

Sometimes I color outside the lines … I’ve found that painting the Skin-Tac over the top of the bandage allows it to seep through the bandage and create a nice seal between the skin and the bandage fabric. One added advantage is that the Skin-Tac is only placed right where it’s needed with just a little along the margins. By the way, I don’t recommend putting Skin-Tac onto any device, just the fabric of the adhesive patch.

Oh okay, good to know, thanks!

The Libre is different from dexcom. The bottom of the Libre sensor is adhesive, exactly the same size as the sensor (about the size of a half dollar coin). On dexcom sensor there is plenty of adhesive fabric extending around the sensor, which many people including me, add skin tac to. But I did not use skin tac with Libre.

Ok, then my advice to @Aranide does not hold except for the thorough wash and dry before applying.

Terry, here’s a picture.

When I inserted mine, I could barely see any ‘tape’ around the edge of the Libre. This link shows a very narrow rim, but certainly not as much as on the dexcom sensor.

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I may try the dexcom