Frequent urination when low

Does any body else urinate more frequently when there low? I don"t mean every 15 minutes but maybe 45 minutes to an hour apart.
And then I will check and ill be around 50-70

I can honestly say that I have not noticed, but then I am usually too far gone by the time I notice they symptoms of the hypo. However, thinking on it, I understand that when we are hypo we are producing a lot of adrenilin and that can cause us to want to urinate a lot. When we are anxious etc, then we do tend to need to “go” more often. I remember going to theatre and was a bit anxious - nay, terrified and in the anaesthetic room needed to go so they had to wait for a couple of minutes, and nothing came. They put it down to nerves and put me under.

yeah me :smiley:

I think the release of adrenilin is a good explanation