Urinating a lot during the night

Does anyone else have the issue of urinating frequently during the night. There are nights where I need to get up and pee like 5-8 times a night. I don’t know where the water comes from because it’s not like I’m drinking more on these days. And the output is quite substantial, not like a trickle. My glucose level during this time is fine, not high.

I don’t know why it happens but I think it’s related to diabetes.

Is anything else disturbing your sleep, I used to think I was awakening to pee a lot but I finally figured out I was peeing because I was awake, back discomfort awakens me frequently most nights.

I started this habit of going to the bathroom whenever awakened back in the days when my overnight control was not as good.

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Have you considered a UTI?


Yes, but I have an enlarged prostate. When was the last time your prostate was checked? (Asking only rhetorically :wink: )


Nope. I just feel my bladder is full and need to pee. I do feel lower back pain but the pain has been there for 2-3 weeks now, and the frequent urination only happened yesterday night.

I might just mention in case anyone has this problem and know how to fix it - everyday when i wake up, my lower back is really sore. I go to bed okay. It’s just when I wake up. Once I get up and start moving, the pain is gone, but the first thing I notice when I am awake is my lower back is in a lot of pain - it feels like its muscle pain more than mechanical (ie doesn’t feel like a joint is out of place). I try to stretch it out at night before bed, sometimes it helps and sometimes doesn’t. My core strength isn’t the best (and probably this is what is causing it) and I have tried some strengthening exercises too.

This pain comes and goes, but when it’s here it lingers for a while. Sometimes I have it for a month or so and then it dissapears but eventually it will come back. I’ve been battling this for a while but haven’t been able to find the cause of it. I was worried it was my kidneys and got a urine test done and my GP says its fine and he says the place where is is sore is not where the kidney is. I also noticed the intensity is more when i wake up sleeping on my back compared to if i was sleeping on my side.

I don’t have any of the symptoms listed. When i have UTI, i feel I need to pee but can’t and that feeling makes me feel really bad. But this is different, its just like my bladder is full and I need to go like normally. It doesn’t burn or feel weird. I just feel a bit tired after like the 5th time. It doesn’t lasts. Might happen for 1-5 nights usually less and then disappears maybe like once every two months.

I’m pretty sure thats not the problem because I’m a female, can rule this one out pretty easily :smiley:


I wonder if you could have something off with your SI joint or something else similar that is compressing a nerve, increasing urinary frequency. Sounds like SI joint pain/muscle spasms. Might need some manual therapy to adjust the joint and then work on the soft tissue and provide some exercises to help it stay where it should. I might start with massage therapy though, from an LMT who does myofascial release or any kind of rehabilitative massage that addresses joint function/mobility.

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Interesting. If it is a joint issue, then I should experience the frequent urination everynight shouldn’t I?

I’ve tried a chiropractic adjustment and a remedial massage in the past before, doesn’t help the issue.

If it’s a joint issue that acts up every night and causes muscle spasms every night it could. If the urination happens outside of the pain then seems less likely to the SI joint as a cause. Still be some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction causing both though, in which case referral to a pelvic floor PT would be warranted (it sounds weird, but it’s a real thing that can be super useful).

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Thanks I’ll look into it.

Im not sure the urination and my back pain is related because they can be mutually exclusive or can happen together.

I thought the frequent urination overnight was common for diabetics. Do others here have this issue or have I just confused this with a common symptom during a diabetes diagnosis but it goes away once sugar is in control?

Yes, when Blood Sugar is under control, urination frequency goes back to normal

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:rofl: Saw that one coming! “Prostate check: negative if not deferred!”

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Frequent urination is a symptom of high blood sugar because your kidneys try to regulate it by flushing your system. Also why high blood sugars make a person thirsty. What levels are your blood sugars overnight? If they are 180ish or higher, then that could be the cause. If they are much lower than that though, shouldn’t be related to T1D (unless you are on one of the SGLT-2 inhibitor meds that lowers that threshold, but still would be around 140-150).

Are you taking any other meds that could increase urination? Anything that’s a diuretic?


Are you male or female and how old?

Ah ok saw you said female…

It’s a good thing to get checked by a doc… there’s a lot of things that can lead to it… but if your diabetes is under control and you’re not craving and drinking insane amounts of water because your kidneys are desperately trying dump sugar out of your body then it’s probably not directlyrelated to blood sugar I wouldn’t think…

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When I have these frequent urination, my BG is normal around 90. So it’s a bit weird they are happening. I would expect them for high BGs.

Also I’m not taking other meds that causes frequent urination.

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I would argue that this is something you should consult with your medical professionals on. Peeing 5-8 times a night is not normal and although we are smart and engaged people with diabetes, we aren’t doctors and don’t know you in person. I urge you to log some of your experiences and see your doctor soon.


I would urge you, if you are on medicare, to directly contact a urologist. If you are not on medicare have your primary care physician refer you to a urologist. Primary care doctors and their labs can only detect the most rudimentary urinary issues. Urologists can do ct scan and other tests to rule out more complex issues such as kidney stones, and cancer in the making.


Agree see a doctor. Could be many things, better to get it checked. Feel well soon. Nancy50


Primary care docs can do most of that too— and most specialists won’t see new patients without a referral from primary care—- and they generally expect the basic primary care things to be ruled out before they’ll mess with it— at least around here


Well is is the exact opposite around here and I have very recent experience with urological experience.

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Dr google thinks you should see a doctor