Friday Feedback

Where do you poke when you check your blood glucose? Fingers or forearms or other? Tips, pads, or sides? Do you rotate fingers or use the same one?

I use my fingers and sometimes my toes.

Fingers -- I've never done anywhere else. My right hand: pinky, ring, and middle fingers, are often the unlucky "chosen ones". Usually the tips or the right sides (closer to the thumb). If you look closely, you can see the prick-marks.

I stick my fingers. All of them, except the thumb. I try to use a different finger each day. So it takes 8 days to use all of them. Sometimes I forget and just use the 1 with the least poke marks. I use the sides of the fingers. It hurts less than the pad.

Thanks for sharing your poking strategies! I use the sides of the tops of my fingers, and I rotate - inside outside - all except thumb and outside of index finger (not sure why, but just got in the habit). I change the site every time I poke, so depending on how many pokes happen in one day, I can rotate through one or both hands in a day. When I go for my A1C (fingerstick at the clinic) I literally give her the finger and particular side of that finger that is up next. The phlebotomist says this happens a lot.

I use all five on sides of left hand , aim to rotate . I had lymph node removal , when diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984 , right arm is swollen and avoid poking ( incl taking BP ) . I have seen a chap using the part above the nailbed with success ...I tried once .Would it eventually mean to have calouses there too ??

Nel, by "above the nailbed" do you mean the very tip of your finger, or do you mean the area just before your first knuckle?

I also have lymphedema in my left arm, so only use my right fingers. I try to rotate. Some fingers will give enough blood way down the side near the joint, but they are all fairly hardened so it really doesn't matter where.

I use all of my fingers including my thumbs. I alternate each time like if I use my thumb on right hand next time I use thumb on my left hand.

I am glad you asked, as I was not very clear describing : the area before the first knuckle . The PWD 's wife is a Doctor !

I once knew someone who poked there. I would think it would hurt more, as there's no padding.

I use middle, ring, and pinky fingers mostly but I also pick on my pointer finger. I used the left hand one week then switch to the right hand the next week. I do the same with my insulin shots. Right arm, stomach, or leg one week then the left side the week after and so on. Then I play connect the dots with my finger stick marks and try to make cool new designs.

I use both sides of all the fingers on my right hand. I play a stringed instrument called the viola da gamba, so want to keep the left-hand fingers as pristine as possible! :-)

Also, I would advise people NEVER to use the toes, because the feet are in hot, damp conditions all day -- just perfect for funguses and bacteria to get into the wound and cause an infection. Definitely NOT worth it!