Favoring Fingers

I check my blood sugar and I check it often…why…there’s just no reason not too.

However, I noticed that I don’t rotate my finger sticks as much as I should. I almost never use my thumb or pinky, and I always stick my left hand (I’m right handed). So my left fore, middle, and ring finger keep getting stuck while the other seven are pretty much left unscathed.

Anyone else have this problem?

I am similar, although I always use my pinky and ring fingers. Usually my left hand (I too am right handed) but sometimes my right hand just to mix it up. I use those fingers because for me, they are the easiest to navigate to the strip because they are on the outside of my hand rather than worrying about moving my fingers around so I don’t actually get blood on the other fingers.

I recommend testing on the outside of your fingers. Most of your nerve endings are on the pads and tips of your fingers, so you’re less likely to lose feeling in your fingers from the callouses. That way, doesn’t matter how often you test! Well, just imo, but it works for me. :slight_smile:

I use the exact same three fingers and nothing else. Like Allison said, use the outside of the finger, not the pad, and there shouldn’t be much of a problem. I definitely have callouses on those fingers, but nothing that hurts or prevents the blood from flowin’

I tend to use the 4 fingers on my left hand, as I am also left handed. I too try to use the side of my fingers.
I try to rotate it to the right hand, every once in awhile, but know not to do this when I’m in low…as I’ll lack any coordination of trying to get it on the strip!

I only use a couple fingers too, and I don’t see any problem. I’ve gone through periods where I test a lot (getting the insulin figured out) but all that happens if I use a couple fingers a lot is that they callous and eventually it peels off.

I used to be a guitar player so I’m very used to having callouses on my finger tips. They went away completely when I stopped playing so if you do get callouses and don’t like them, just switch to another finger.

Personally, I think it is much less likely to hurt when they do toughen up a bit.

Yeah I guess I shouldn’t worry too much. I just noticed that I have like a million tiny scabs on those fingers and none on the others. After seventeen years, I think I should give em a break. They are definitely less sensitive and more calloused than the others.

Fingers are pretty resiliant. If you stopped using those fingers for four months, you’d probably see them return to normal. I played steel string guitar for many years and there is no trace left on my finger tips now.

I use the middle three fingers on each hand, and use the pads more than I should. After 20 years of finger sticks, I still do not have callouses, though there are tons of little black spots on my fingers.
I use Eucerin at least daily to keep the fingers moist. I don’t know if it helps prevent the callouses, but it certainly does not hurt.
Now, how about the “zits” from the infusion sites and CGM sites? Those seem to take weeks to go away.

I am right handed and only use my left hand for sticks. After reading this last night I used my right hand to check my blood sugar. I was dumbfounded to get almost 100 points higher than normal for me. I tried twice and could not believe what I was getting. Then I checked on my left hand and got the usual readings that i normally get in the range i usually get. What happened? Did I take too long to get the blood on the strip? I went ahead and ate lunch and shot for the lower reading from my left hand. I checked again later and was right on target like usual. What did I do wrong on the right handed stick?

I use all ten fingers and cycle through them - I use one finger per day. That way they’re only used once (or however many times I remember to test) every ten days and have time to heal.