Prick your Thumb?

as I was testing today, something popped in my mind. Why don't I ever prick my Thumbs? So Here is a New question for you. How many of your use your thumb for glucose test? or just fingers? (thumb isn't called a finger) I always think about it, but always forget. So your answer doesn't have to be technical. I do or don't.

I use all my digits - thumbs and fingers. I sometimes find I have to increase the lancet depth for my thumbs.

i never use my thumb. just randomly use my fingers on both hand.

I don't know why, but I find that my thumbs give me different readings than my other fingers any time if my bg has been on the move any time recently. Only if its been flat for a substantial amount of time do my thumbs match my other fingers....

I use all 1 digits. I use one each day so it has a full 9 days to recover or get a little rest.

Oops all 10 digits. Sorry

I use all my digits and rotate like Sally. My mom doesn't use her thumbs or her pinkies. Don't know why.

Never rotate to my thumb. Nancy

I always forget the pinky too, but I do use it.

I don't use my thumbs or index fingers. I like to maintain fingertip sensitivity on these two opposing digits. My other six fingers have thick calluses from decades of testing 12+ times per day.

I never prick my thumbs because I find it awkward. I also never prick my pinkies because they hurt. So I just use my index, middle, and ring fingers.

I use 'em all in sequence…or try to, sometimes I forget either which digit (or side of a digit) I’ve been using.

I use my thumbs a lot, always have. I find it one of the best fingers to get blood.

I just wanted to add, I don't prick my thumbs out of habit, I rapidly sit prick, Test, done. and I never think of anything except what my habit is. Habits are hard to break.