Fructosamine Test

Has anyone on here had one of these? The reason my endo performed one is because he believes that my A1C results are artificially high and that my RBC’s may be lasting longer than normal. Are these tests accurate? What am I looking for when I receive my results? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Cin,
The reasons your endo gave you are the appropriate ones for doing a fructosamine test. If it comes out as a normal reading it could only mean that your blood sugar was under good control for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Or it could be high or low. Your doctor will know what all is going on with you right now and those are the only standards that can be correctly used to determine what the test means. It can’t replace the A1C which tells you how your blood sugars have been over the past few months. But it can give your doc an idea of what he is looking at. Without a lot of other specifics for you there is no way I can give you a better answer. Your doc will be the only one to give you an accurate answer as to what it means for you. So basically a high, normal or low is still acceptable, just like an A1C. Since your doc asked for it he obviously knows what he is after. Don’t worry. Everything is workable. Big hugs to you

Well, we got the results back. Not what my endo and I were hoping to see but close to what we expected. Been under a lot of stress lately (work). We are trying out new basal rates hoping this will help.

What were the results? I have been curious about having a fructosomine test since my A1C levels have been way higher than my average BG.

Libby, the fructosamine result was the same as my average bg on my meter. He said with the added stress I’ve been under and now there’s more added stress (3rd family member has died within 2 months time), my result was dead on. I would recommend having the test. It covers the previous 2 weeks of control. I go back in November for another A1C. We shall see if the new basals are helping. I know they are working. The fructosamine test will tell your doc if your A1C appears to be artificially higher than it should be.