ugh. This is frustrating. I need and want to go on the pump so bad!! My endo has even said so. I have a tendency to drop really low, especially during the night.
I’ve been looking at the One Touch Ping pump. It’s got everything i want, and it’s great that it has the extended bolus. I was told that was really important for people with celiac also.
So here’s the thing. For the pump I want (I’ve never been on a pump) and 3 months of supplies, it’s only going to cost me $190. That’s it. nothing more, nothing less. My insurance is obviously going to pay the rest of it. I know it’s a lot more than just buying vials of insulin and needles, but in my opinion it’s going to save me money in the long run, and let me live a better life. If I go on the pump, then I have the chance to have much better control of my diabetes, which will result in less complications later in life. Plus the added benefit of only having to stick a needle in me once every 3 days rather than 4 times a day just sounds fantastic to me! I’ve lived with this my whole life, and it’s never been under great control. This is my chance to be one step ahead of my dibetes, instead of 5 miles behind. I’m frustrated because my parents dont seem to see it that way. It urks me to no end!!! They don’t know what it’s like to go through this everyday. To be at work, and you can’t get things done because my blood sugar has dropped to 35. Diabetes shouldn’t control me, I should be in control of it. My life shouldn’t revolove around only diabetes, and shots and testing, and doctor and hospital visits. It should have a little freedom. I don’t have that right now, and I want it so bad!! I’ve got a job, why can’t I just pay for the pump? It’s my last year of college, and I’d really like to have that little sliver of independence. It’s like i have to beg and plead to get anywhere with this. All I want is to be in better control, make my own decisions for once, and life a half way “normal” life. Is that too much to ask?

Sounds like you need to give the “I am an adult now” talk with the 'rents. Try using their first names instead of Mom and Dad. That will get them. =) Good luck! Better yet, just get it anyway, before your insurance changes.

Show your parents this:

Hopefully they will come around and support you.

Any chance your endo can talk to your parents and maybe convince them?