Ok this is not a complaint about T-2s or a T-1 vs T-2 thing but a ■■■■■ at the general public.

I hate the fact that I go to a book store and the whole health section for Diabetes is covered with T-2 stuff and rarely if any T-1 books. Yes I could go online but I prefer face to face interaction with my seller. Also I feel sorry for the T-2s out there with all of the crap claiming to “cure” or “reverse” Diabetes that is focused on T-2. Online its a little better but not much you must wade through hundreds of BS sites about raw food and vegan diets, If you choose to go those routes fine, if they help you with controls fine but guess what you still will be at the end of the day diabetic.

I want to choke people when they find out I’m diabetic and I hear things like “Aren’t you a bit young to be Diabetic” or “Come on you not fat enough” and the grand daddy of them “You should of ate better”. WTF both types now are affecting people of all ages, I know T-2s that weigh next to nothing and How the hell does my diet chose cause my body to decide to kill my pancreas. Throw in the you can’t eat that “insert candy,snack or carby food name”. Well my sugar just tanked and if I don’t eat this I am going to act like a space cadet first, get really angry and or pass out.
Ok I’m Done

I hear you Man! I know people mean well, but sometimes I just want to strangle someone when they say “Should you be eating that?” or Oh No! You must be LOW! … ummmm no, I just felt like having a blessed cookie with my Tea thank you.

It’s good to vent sometimes huh? :slight_smile:

I try to radiate power and health as much as possible. I was really going the wrong way for a few years but these days, it’s more like ‘woah, you are eating a cookie?’ ‘I’m going to run 7 miles tonight so I’d better you slacker…’. I eased my way into it but it is sort of fun. I don’t look for books but have a few of them. I did almost buy the new Calorie King the other day but didn’t see it until I paid for my other book. The thing w/ T1 is that if you really throw yourself into stuff, you have a lot of data that can be useful for working out more than the average bear…

I totally relate. I am sick of people (mainly family) telling me what I can and cannot eat. I was soo stressed out today i went to the gym and did 1 hr of cardio… then pigged out on a chocolate bar…800 calories,72g of sugar…yikes! I am afraid to test right now…and I have one hell of a headache…but it tasted really really good!!! LOL

Update… did a test…6.0…WTF that makes no sense… I should be in a coma by now! LOL

I hear you, even though I am a T-2, I get a lot of crap from all sides, both good and bad. I get people asking me, should you be eating that, or aren’t you eating a bit too much? And I get the other side of 1 chocolate bar wont hurt also. I know that there is a lot of books and information, a bit too much if you ask me. But even though I have cut way back on the book buying compared to what I used to buy when I first got diagnosed, I look at each book and only take from it what I think is useful to me. That is not to say that I’ve been steered in the wrong direction every once in a while, but I think that I get a lot of good stuff from way to many sources. But we do what we can. Overall, I tell others who try to offer advice, thanks, but I think I know what I’m doing. And if not, I guess we’ll find out…

Work is where I hear it the most followed by the wife. Work can knock me down into the 60s from the 110s in about an hour to two. Cutting back my fluid intake helps but come summer time I average a literalness hour to stay hydrated. I dread what my carb intake will be when I break out my bike this summer, five miles a day to start. I always am looking for books the nonfiction topics vary on my mood but check about once a month.
I will say this site has been a blessing for information

I just went to Borders the other day, looking for informative T1 books & I was really disappointed! I can’t believe they don’t have a better selection. I’ve ordered some books online. Plus, another TuD member told my daughter to check out The Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook, so we ordered that & it’s full of information – for athletes and simply concerning diabetes. I’m going through it with a hi-lighter.