Frustrations and bloodsugars higher then I'd like

I’ve been pretty fortunate with the islet transplant. Its been 18 month and I’ve only had one transplant. Two is average., a few people in the study I’m in for various reasons have needed 3. My blood sugars have been good. They still are for the most part. I have great fasting blood sugars but my post prandial numbers are inching up and it worries me.

Last week I had two 2hr post prandials over 200 and tonight 288. Not so good. I tell myself its fine, it comes back down but its disappointing. and frustrating. I like perfection! I want to do something about it and I really would prefer to not need a 2nd transplant. I don’t want to start the whole thing over again. Of course, if i have to I will. I didn’t sign up for the study to do it half assed. :wink:

soo… I need to call my transplant doctors and see what they have to say. Its only been high a few times so maybe its nothing to worry about. still…