Frustrated just doesn't quite sum it up properly.

My blood sugar has been running high all day. Nothing below a 280. I've been taking extra insulin ALL.DAY.LONG. Doubling the amount of insulin I'd normally to take for food, I was starving so wanted to eat anyways.

My sweet husband took me to my Pilates class tonight, since my car is dead. We stopped off at Arby's for a nice "date" dinner without the kiddo, who my in-laws were watching for us, because they are awesome.

I check my blood sugar after getting home and what do I find from my meter?! "HIGH BLOOD GLUCOSE" Which means it's well over 600mg/dl. This, frankly, pissed me off. I already changed my site once today - only a day after my last site. 3rd Insulin Pump site in a day!

The emotion that describes my feelings that moment: Rage. AllI could see was $ signs at the thought of putting in yet another site.

After putting in a new site I continued with the normal routine of loading a new vial (cartridge) of insulin only to find that my Insulin Pump seemedto not be working! "Great. That's just what I need. A broken car to
replace and a broken insulin pump."

I was about ready to break loose with a mountain of tears. I held off until I called the wonderful people at Animas they helped me figure out that my pump isn't broken! Hooray!

Here's the irony, though: The problem is with the pump tubing given to me from CVS Pharmacy
- who gave me hell a couple months ago!!!

The privilege has been bestowed upon me of calling them up tomorrow and
demanding a new box of sets because I've had to waste so many tonight!

I'm very pleased, blessed that my pump isn't broken (since it's out of warranty and we can't afford to buy a new one). Really ticked at the high blood sugar. I don't feel crappy right now, just thirsty as can be.I know I'll feel just terrible once it starts getting back into normal range. But, again, I'm just thankful my pump isn't broken. I'm not sure I'd have been able to bounce back real well after that breaking too.

Onto a better day tomorrow!

Bethany sorry you had a crappy day. Hope you start feeling better. Tomorrow should be a better day.


Take heart – I go through days like that too. A few days ago, I wasted 2 infusion sets and 2 cartridges full of insulin because I dropped them on the floor. Gotta watch out for that. In fact, because I was at work, I had to drive home (45 minutes), and pick up more supplies and then drive back to work (another 45 minutes). And to top it off some days the infusion set seems to be not working at all. I check the tubing, etc, but nothing seemed clogged or kinked. Anyhow, I guess nothing in life is simple sometimes and we should just take it one day at a time try to control stress – because the last thing you need is stress – to increase your BGs even higher. What a vicious cycle it can sometimes be.

Hope you’re doing better now.


That was me yesterday afternoon and evening… I had one snag/pull-out, one bleeder, one just came off and one would have come out if i didnt catch the adhesive pulling up after i inserted it…

Hint on the high (once you deal with the tubing issue…) do a correction bolus and then set a temporary basal of 10/20% more basal for 2-3 hours (YMMV which of these is better)… its not a lot of insulin but for some reason when i have a stubborn high due to a set change (iv had sets that are fine that i still get a creep up high right after i change it).(yes i primed it and filled the cannula)

I am glad you finally found the problem. I was going to suggest where you coming up to starting your period. I know in the week before my sugars go up, and I cannot seem to get them down. My CDE suggested what John recommended - do the 10/20% basal for a number of hours and seem if it helps. Sometimes I have to keep the increase going all day.

Remember rage in an of itself (as well as tears that are not shed) can raise your sugar as well!
Have a blessed day!

Phew - glad that it wasn’t the pump - I always wonder what will happen when my warranty runs out on my Animas (2 more years left - and right now I’m back on MDI due to some wierd high BG’s - but not related to the pump - just me).

Some good advise here, that I’ve used a few times (e.g. increasing basal rate). I know sometimes our high BG’s can’t be explained (which is what happened to me in my case). Not sure how long I’ll do the MDI bit, as it’s abit time consuming with keeping a log and all, but I’m trying to give it a go at least until I run out of Lantus / Levemir.

I don’t think you should have any problems with CVS - as long as you have Animas giving you back up - and if CVS wants to keep you as a customer - they’ll no doubt say “yes”. If not, if you live close by, I’ll come and help kick butt (tho’ I am a nonviolent person - remember - I’m Canadian - ehhhh???).

Anna from Montreal - The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes - Whoo! Whoo!

hey I red you blog and I felt every word of it. This has happened to me several times, and i do understand how upsetting it is. I hope the tubing was replaced.

rick phillips

How’s it going now Bethany? Did you manage to get what you wanted via the pharmacy without any hassles??
be well…linda