Fuchs Dystrophy (cataract and corneal transplant)

It may or may not be caused by diabetes, but I’ve been diagnosed with Fuchs Dystrophy after some progressive vision loss in my right eye over the past couple of years.

Diagnosis was a bit circuitous. My retina-specialist opthamologist of course looks closely at the back of my eyes regularly. But it in the end it was my “regular eye doctor” who used a slit lamp to look at the front of my eyeball and saw that the reason the glasses were becoming increasingly useless was Fuchs Dystrophy, which was degrading the cornea cells.

So I went to a “front of the eye” doctor and with some different fancy tests they confirmed that yes I have Fuchs Dystrophy and they got me scheduled for cataract surgeries and corneal transplants (specifically DSAEK).

I had the right eye cataract surgery last Monday, and that seems super successful (followup checkup tomorrow), and in the middle of March I’ll be having the right eye corneal transplant. Then if that goes smoothly (a corneal transplant a much bigger deal) I’ll be having the cataract surgery done to left eye in April followed by the corneal transplant there in May.

I was super impressed by the eye surgery center and how they tested my bg prior to and during cataract surgery. Of course I also had my CGM with me.

Well that’s the story so far! Will follow up with more details in March I’m sure.

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Wow a cornea transplant. That sounds so incredibly invasive. Maybe it has become an everyday thing but it sounds tough
I hope it works out and you have good vision afterward.
So far my eyes are really good minus a small bit of presbyopia which is pretty expected for everyone. Please let us know how you are doing

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Good luck with successful eye surgeries. Corneal transplants are pretty serious business. Nancy50

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Thanks guys! At eye doc this morning, we discussed DMEK as an alternative corneal transplant method that has a potentially less lengthy recovery-to-normal-vision period at the cost having me lay flat in bed for a longer time after the surgery.