Donate to DHF before Dec. 31: help us connect people touched by diabetes and raise diabetes awareness

Until December 31, 2010, we are holding a fundraising campaign to benefit the Diabetes Hands Foundation, the nonprofit behind Our goal is to raise $15,000 for the Diabetes Hands Foundation by year's end. All donations made within the US are tax-deductible.


See how things are looking vs. our goal by checking out the thermometer on the right side of the page periodically. With your help, we can offer support and information to more than 200,000 people every month.
We have designated four levels for you to help us (or you can help us by becoming a DHF Community Fundraiser):

**** CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE RED LEVEL ($151 or more) ****

**** CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE ORANGE LEVEL (between $51 and $150) ****

**** CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE BLUE LEVEL (between $1 and $25) ****

This reminds me : I still have not added my supporter badge from the previous , previous fund raiser ... have not figured out " how to " yet

Manny, do you think you can give me the tax information for DHF? I play games on Club Big (from Microsoft), and they give me "tickets" for all the games I play... Usually, I use them to get myself something fancy... because they have fancy prizes in exchange for tickets... But they also allow me to donate to any charity of my choice... 1 penny a ticket.. and I have well over 13,000 tickets. I need the name of the organization, the address, and the EIN number. :) Thanks.

This is a great idea! I'm sure a lot of people have points on there they could donate :)

Sure thing!

Diabetes Hands Foundation

P.O. Box 9421

Berkeley, CA 94709

EIN: 26-2274537

This should help, Nel:

Manny I hate to say it but it's another time I can't do anything. But please know I will do all I can in other ways. Money is still very tight around here.

Know what? No need to worry, amiga!! You do an awful lot for the community with your presence here and your loving welcomes to new members.

Want to do something else, still? You can write a review of the Diabetes Hands Foundation:

Manny , how simple that was ( after I got to "it " ) ...I am in awe :) ..really , never too old to learn ...thanks again

Never, amiga. Big hug! And, always: THANKS for your support and generous donations!

We're about to reach $2,500... Thanks to all who have donated!!!

We are going to update the thermometer shortly and will be adding all the donors of this campaign to the Community Supporters page:

Thanks to:

  • Donna
  • Sharon Powers, who donated on behalf of Kat and Son
  • Judith (Portland, OR), who donated in honor of Paula Rahders (her sister) and Lisa Catterall (her daughter)
  • WEGO Health (Boston, MA), who donated on behalf of Karen Graffeo, Ronald Gregory, and Bea Dominguez
  • Tracy Greene Mintz, who donated in honor of Maxine
  • Kari (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Lorraine Stiehl (San Diego, CA), who donated on behalf of myself and Andreina (my wife)
  • lane jaeckle santos (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Brett (Hays, KS)
  • monkeyloaf
  • leo rosenholz, who donated in honor of Tio Rento
  • Priscilla Call Essert
  • JD Lasica
  • Nel (Salmon Arm, BC - Canada), who donated in honor of Christmas 2010
  • Bernard (Littleton, MA)
  • KenA (New Vernon, NJ)
  • GinaY (Albuquerque, NM), who donated in honor of TuD
  • Kristin (Hungary)

We are VERY thankful to all of you for your financial support of TuDiabetes, the Diabetes Hands Foundation and, with it, programs such as the Big Blue Test, that depend on your generous donations.

As part of this campaign, you can still donate between now and Dec. 31. Visit: to help us reach our goal of $15,000. We're now nearing $2,500 raised as part of this campaign.

Thanks SO much for your generous donation, SEAGATOR!!!

YAY!!! We’ve passed $3,100 in our fundraising campaign. Thanks to SF Pete (San Francisco, CA) - “In Honor of Everyone Who Fights This Fight Every Day”, to Luis E (Orlando, FL) - Board member of Diabetes Hands Foundation; and to an anonymous donor who helped us bring us one step closer to our goal ($15,000 by year’s end).

A big apology in regards to our most recent fundraising email:

Thanks to Captain Glucose and Meter Boy for your generous donation!!

The tees for Red Level donors have arrived!!!

You need to donate at least $151 ( to receive one of these, along with the rest of the Red Level thank you gifts mentioned above.

Thanks a lot to Brandy Barnes and Jennifer McFarland for your generous donations!! We’re now at $3,438 raised!

Thanks a TON,

Amy and Judith for your amazing donations!!! We’re now at $3,863 (thermometer to be updated shortly).