Funniest Diabetic Moment

So - What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in a Diabetic moment - or the funniest thing anyone has said to you about your Diabetes?

One of mine - When I was first diagnosed, a friend of mine (who was in college) asked where they got “Human Insulin” (it had JUST come out, I started on pork insulin) - he wanted to know if they got it from “motorcycle victims,” or could people donate, or what? laugh It was sweet though, before he understood that it was synthetic, he was planning to donate some for me!

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I was fairly newly diagnosed and was shopping with a friend. I had dosed too much insulin for my lunch and started feeling low. I ate candy as we walked and felt the need to sit. We passed a bench that was occupied by some guys, I started to black out and next thing I knew, I was sitting on the bench and the guys were standing. Seeing my bag of candy, one of them asked if I was having blood sugar issues. I asked if he was an EMT and he replied, “No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.” (Apologies to long time members who have heard this story before.)

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RBG…I doubt you would have taken a bite, but it says it all that your BF thought you might!

oh man i have one.

i told it in a blog i did a few months ago or weeks i don’t remember. anywho. I was in high school and a few friends of mine and I decided we were going to see a movie. I decided i wanted to get some dinner since i didn’t have any dinner. anyway, I dosed what i thought would be a good dosage for the meal i would eat in the theater and went in with my food. about 15 minutes later we were all sitting there still waiting for the movie to start and i knew i was feeling low so i started grabbing for my friends drink, she looked at me and pointed to my drink which was sitting next to me (her drink was a regular coke) and she said “no Melissa, you have your own drink.” I kept grabbing for her drink and again “no you have your own.” so i gave up and started eating my food then dropped it in my lap. the rest is stuff my friends would tell and now it’s a running joke with all of us. i still don’t know what my BG was.

I had to walk through a metal detector with my insulin pump in my bra, security guard waved wand in front of me and beeping was at my boobs, I told him what it was and he said ok, ok ,go ahead

I had to be present in a class I was teaching for the final exam in case they found anything confusing about the questions. I sat up on the dais behind a table, but my blood sugar began to plummet so quickly that I just fell sound asleep with my head on the table. I woke up about a half hour after the exam had finished to find a professor giving a lecture in Chinese, which the students were following avidly. I was afraid everyone would laugh if I suddenly got up and left, so I continued to sit there, trying to look interested in what was being said and nodding my head now and then, as though I had come just for that class, though I couldn’t understand a word of what was being said. Only when it was over did I lurch out of the room and rush to the university snack bar.


I once worked in retail and was minding the shop by myself. Had to buy lunch that day and had finished the last of my low supplies that morning. A lady came in just as I was about to head out and just as I felt myself going low. This was before the days of being able to not care what people think so much…so I patiently waited for her to leave.
By the time I finally locked up to go get food I wasn’t thinking straight. I bee lined it…to buy myself a jumper (it was a 35 d Celsius day). And a tomato.
Some survival instinct must’ve kicked in after that…I eventually got some sugar into me and all was well!