Share your awkward and/or hilarious 'Betes moments here!

I’ve certainly had several. But my favorite occurred about 7 years ago, when I was an undergrad in college and my 'betes outed itself in a very memorable way.

I was still on shots at that point, and working as a cashier in a local health food store. We had a new employee there, who had moved to CO from the east coast to “get away from some bad influences”, as he put it. He was sort of a sketchy guy in general, and was also a little overly friendly with myself and all of my female coworkers. A few weeks after he started working there, I was buying lunch and went through his register. I pulled my wallet out of my purse to pay, and all of a sudden he shot me a really weird look and said “looks like you dropped something there” and pointed underneath the check writing platform on his register - I peered underneath and saw that a used, capped insulin syringe had flown out of my purse when I pulled out my wallet. I, of course, was caught off guard and just stammered “You DO know I’m diabetic, right?” as I retrieved the syringe. He just gave me a withering look, and said “Ok, whatever you say”. He totally didn’t believe me! Like I looked like an IV drug user, especially with the freshman 15 20 I was carrying around. I was thoroughly embarrassed, but he stopped hitting on me after that and quit soon after - so in the end it was a very good thing. I still laugh about it to this day.

Awkward Moment - Apparently not all of the parents connected with my daughter’s basketball team knew, although I thought they did. After each game one family was responsible for providing a snack. Usually the snack consisted of lots of gooey donuts, or empanadas, or pizza along with some sweet carbonated drink - your basic junk. After one game I was staring at the provided snack and Lourdes, who provided it, said “You probably can’t have any of that, can you?” Rick, who was standing behind me asked in a kind of snide and condescending way “What the matter? Are you diabetic or something?” by which he meant, of course, “You’re not diabetic.”

There was silence as Lourdes and I looked at each other, then Lourdes looked a Rick and cocked her head, and Rick looked a Lourdes, then at me, then back at Lourdes. Then Lourdes nodded her head. Once. Then Rick turned and walked away saying “oh, ■■■■.”

He came back a minute later and apologized, saying he didn’t know. “Is this common knowledge?” he asked. “I guess not,” I had to say, although I thought it was.

I’ve had similar moments when I’ve made a remark about carbs or counting carbs or avoiding carbs - people will sometimes say things like “you still do that?” or “the carb craze is over” or a similar remark, sometimes in a condescending way because I’m obviously not current with todays diet fashion. I usually just say it’s a medical thing - but I sometimes say I’ve lost 200 pounds by avoiding carbs just to get a rise out of them.


When I first met my husband he noticed my insulin pump and made some comment like “It is the 2003 why do you have a beeper? Is your drug dealer paging you?” I smartly put him back into his place and somehow married him.

LOL - Erin, that is funny.

I was diagnosed just over 1 yr ago, I decided to go over to London to visit my sister a few weeks later to cheer myself up. I packed all my bits and pieces, lots of spare needles, bg strips etc. On my first night in London (3 weeks into T1 dx) we went out for something to eat with her ‘in-laws’… So all was going well, I ordered my food…was starving at this stage too. I took out my tester, checked my bg…all good so far, then realised that i hadn’t brought any needles out with me. At this stage I am on the other side of London to my needles so we decide to drive around to find a pharmacy, 30mins later we spot one, I jump out of the car, run in…join the queue (grrrrr) eventually the assistant asks me what I need and I explain the situation. 5 mins later they give me 1 needle…I run out to the car and off we go (safe in the knowledge that I will eat !!!)
We get back to find everyone on the dessert but the waiter was very nice and brought our main courses staright away, I do my test shot under the table…and I duffed the needle into the underside of the table…oooops, my face said it all, everyone knew something was up. I dashed up to the ladies and come hell or high water I was going to take my shot with a blunt, bent and definatley not sterile needle. It was quite scary but I managed it…the relief was something else. I enjoyed my meal eventually…
I know now with experience that I should have taken a few spares from the pharmacy or that I could have asked for a jug of boiling water and tried to steralise my needle…It’s all a big learning curve I guess !!! We did laugh about it alot afterwards though… : )

I’ve definitely had a few embarrassing…well, more hilarious than embarrassing…moments in my life with D.

I wrote about one of them that will live on in my family, FOREVER here…it’s too long to post in this discussion.

: )

My most embarrassing low has to be from sixth grade (many years ago). It was lunch and I was low. I was trying to mix Nestle Quick with my milk and spilled the powder all over the floor. I licked it up. That went over well with the other kids in my class.

I find this quite funny, mainly because I have done stuff like that before. It is a very odd fealing to think that you are telling someone one thing, but you are saying something completely different.

I work in IT, so I get asked alot about what pager I am still using. My current boss actually said that they will cover the cost of the pager I am using since I am on call. When I told him how much it cost, he stood there and looked at me like I was crazy. With everything explained though, he has been very understanding about all of it, and has tried to learn more about it on his own.

Wow ! I read them all, thanks for the laughs !

Early in college I was taking an insulin injection in the bathroom of a (seedy) bar. I had my arm proped up against a wall, near the sink when WHAM . . a cop pushed me up against the mirror, put my arms behind my back and cuffed me in one quick movement ! I was trying to explain as he was dragging me out of the bathroom and out of the bar, but he really couldn’t hear me over the loud music. As my friends looked on in amazement I mouthed . .“I’ll be right back”.
Out at the cruiser he was so apologetic.

I’m a nurse, one of my patients coded in the middle of the night. As I was doing compressions the knot in my scrub pants started to slip. On my waist band I had my pump, my research beeper, my code team beeper, a large wireless call system that connected me to the front desk, a cord from that to a microphone pinned to my shirt, (sort of like McDonalds) and all the nurse scissors, tape etc.etc. (Think utility belt-nurse .) As the knot continued to slip I began spreading my legs so that my thighs would hopefully keep the pants up . . I was determined NOT to stop compressions ! Just as the entire code team rounded the corner into the patients room, the weight became too much and as my pants hit the floor it yanked my bent needle infusion set out and I started bleeding all over the patient ! (I was also being choked via the comm. cord around my neck ) I got razzed about that for years, but got credit for not stopping compressions until someone from the code team regained their composure enough to “relieve me” as I stood there in my underwear with my pants around my ankles !

I had a bad low during the night, my fiancee had to help me and get me to drink coka-cola. When I started to become “with it” I became all snotty and indignant saying . . “who spilt something in the bed” . .giving him a real hard time. He was saying “no, its ok, you just had a low” . .and I was still denying it and yelling at him !

There was also one of those intimate moments with my husband when pump tubing got VERY tangled . . . .

There are more but my fingers are tired.

I have had several funny 'betes moments.

One that I don’t think I will every forget. Is I got pulled over on the air force base and when the cop(MP) came up he open my door a syringe fell out. " How many times do you shot up and day?" me being a smart ■■■ teen " 7-8 times a day but sometimes more" Then when back and forth for like 5 minutes until he asked me what I last shot up and when. I asked him what time it was and told him " Like 2 hrs ago right before I ate lunch with my dad " He had a REAL confused look on his face and finally got smart enough to realize that I had a medicalert on looked at it and realized that I had Type 1 Diabetes. His face got really red (Oh this is after they had already called my dad Commander to let them no I was going to jail for the syringe) and let me out of the handcuffs and called my dads CO later. (My dads CO knew I was diabetic but did not even think that is drug syringe would be a insulin syringe.) After the MP got told off my my dad and his CO he let me go. This one possible one of the funniest things that have ever happened.

My friend later married that MP and we talk often. It is now a joke when I am over at there house that I should not shot up (although now I am on an insulin pump)

Another one is when I was 12 and I was at a friends house when her step mom saw me taking a insulin shot. She told me that I NEEDED TO LEAVE RIGHT THEN AND NEVER TALK TO HER DAUGHTER AGAIN! She thought I was doing heroin (I WAS 12 and it was a clear liquid!) We are still friends to day and she does not even talk to her step mom any more. Thank GOD since I am a drug addict!!! :wink:

Deidre . . . I just read this again . . and cracked up . .AGAIN !

Ah, back in Freshman year of high-school, I was sitting in a class right after lunch. Being new to the insulin pump, I forgot to bolus, so I took out my pump and beep beep beep I gave myself my needed insulin. By now, I’m already high, so I wasn’t feeling too swell. I had one hand supporting my head and was rather sleepy. Just then, my teacher stops her lecture, comes over to me, and starts saying loudly, “where is it! where is it!” I was completely confused, as she continued to ruffle through my clothes looking for… my “i-pod”. Unfortunately, she got ahold of my cord and started pulling at it, painful to say the least. Me being too shocked to speak was SO embarrassed and P.O, so thankfully my classmates started yelling “she’s diabetic!!” Oh, awkward moments…