Funny diabetic moments

I use to carry my insulin vials and syringes in a travel cosmetic case I would often put the whole thing in the refrigerator. One time my cousin who seen it on the top shelf next to the juice asked me:

You keep your make-up in the frige?

I said, with a straight face: yeah girl, it applies better and last longer

She was like: really I didnt know…I dont even wear make up…LOL

That happened a couple of years ago and it still makes me laugh because she really believed me. Do you have any funny stories to share?

Too funny! One time we were out to eat and the waitress brought our food and my four year old says very loudly “My Mommy just shot up in the bathroom!!”

LOL!!! are so cute. As child services is being called…lol

eeek to shooting up in the bathroom! My friend the psychiatrist backed me up on this 100% when our type G friend said “I have to test, should I go to the bathroom?”.

I went in the bathroom at a restaurant to bolus last weekend. A guy was hogging the one sink while he texted someone on his phone. I said excuse me, and tested beside him. As I prepared my bolus, I looked over and he was washing his hands while simultaneously texting. WTF?

Did you not shoot up in the bathroom on MDI?

I’d rather shoot up while riding a bike over a bathroom filled with bacteria. But I was having lunch with my 96 year old aunt. Her greatest fear is I will have “bad” diabetes and have to take insulin. I wanted quick and private, but I didn’t know I would have to experience underwater texting. The bathroom is one of the last places I want to inject, but sometimes it is convenient.

I never shot up in the bathroom while on MDI - too gross for me. I did it discreetly at the table.

Last month I had lunch with a fellow insulin-user I had met in the diabetes online community. It was the first time I had bolused at the same time as another diabetic outside the hospital. She had apple cake and I had bratwurst and fries. After we ordered, I grabbed my kit to do what I always do - bolus at the table. At the same time, she grabbed her kit, rose and asked me, ‘shall we go to the ladies’ to inject?’ I said no thanks, and was done bolusing before she reached the door of the ladies.

I am very happy to test and bolus everywhere and anywhere but now have my meter set to silent. I did not realize the beep it makes is so loud. I tested once during the gospel reading in church and everybody could hear the beep, especially the priest who was sitting a few feet from me!

Most of mine involved the lows. The one that stands out the most in my mind though is when I tried to combat a low by going into a Shell station to get some candy. I thought I was doing good til I took out the whole display thingy (I honestly think it had pepsi bottles on it) and the clerk look at me and said “Do you know you made more work for me?” Honestly I really done good to drive my car there. LOL!

I have shot up everywhere…lol…bathrooms are fine as long as you dont sit your stuff down on anything.

I was working with my pump one time and my son, just home from college and new to the whole pump thing wanted to know whom I was texting.
I told him, “My pancreas or my liver, don’t know which”


Bad Danny!..LOL

LOL Danny. Hey we all have those “young” years right?

. At a party at a friends house I went off to the kitchen to shoot up and hear rather quickly “Kevin there is somebody doing smack it your kitchen.” this was followed by like 6 people yelling “He is a diabetic you @$$”.

Funny stuff…recently I went out to eat with family for a memeber who came into town. It was her bday so she had cake. She kept trying to push me to eat the cake so another member at the table finally had enough and said look if she eat it she will die…lol…my visiting member looked at me with such shock I couldnt do nothing but laugh…She forgot I was a diabetic…lol

On my first date with my now wife, we went out for dinner and I checked my blood sugar and gave my shot discretely with my hands under table so she couldn’t see. On the second date I actually told her I was diabetic and mentioned that I am pretty casual about checking my blood sugar and taking shots in public and asked if she notice me doing that the other day at dinner? She responded she saw me doing something under the table and was wondering what the heck it was thinking maybe I was checking my cell phone. She actually thought it was kind of rude but luckily everything else on the date went great and of course the rest is history.

That’s funny!

Agreed. I stopped injecting in the bathroom within a year after diagnosis. That was even before my college advisor taught us about Gerba’s toilet bowl studies in his water pollution microbiology class. If you inject in the bathroom, then you should read his study. Or maybe you shouldn’t…