Funny diabetes

I have a couple:

I couldn’t get a shot in my leg, and my Mom said "Should I take a stab at it?"
My dad turned and said, “I’ll take a shot at it!”
(I got the shot in myself!)

I was going to bolus at lunchtime but the nurses area (where I go it) was full, so the secretary sent me down to the “empty” science room.

I went in and was halfway through injecting in my leg when the SUBSITUTE science teacher walks in. She stood with her mouth dropping while I quickly tried to explain. I wouldn’t be surprised if she walked upstairs and spread a rumor about the girl on drugs. lol!

Funny stories!

One of my friends once asked me why I injected in public… he thought that other people would think that I was on drugs!

It’s not so easy to always go in private to inject… so I do it any where :slight_smile:

I used to do it where ever I was at. If people have an issue that is their problem. I have seen though a few “drug” stories here. One time a lady walked up to me right after I gave myself a shot and said she pointed me out to her kids to show them what she used to do before she got a pump. I still think about that now that I have a pump.

I was once shooting up in my office. My office mate was totally used to my rolling up my sleeves and spreading all my stuff out on my desk. While I am doing it, with the needle in my arm, a senior partner in the firm walks in (the door was shut), hands me a document (while the needle is still in), tells me quickly what he wants done to it, turns and walks out. The needle, all this time, is hanging in my arm. He was totally oblivious to it.

Okay, I am completely cracking up, though I do want to make some sort of comment about the economy and the obliviousness of CEOs, but I feel that’s too obvious…

This was 20 years ago. The oblivious one is now a senior federal court of appeals judge. And they say justice is suposed to be blind! LOL