Funny story about a new puppy and the pump!

I just got a 2 month old chocolate lab last Friday. She has to be the sweetest thing ever! At night she usually sleeps in her kennel because we are kennel training her, but last night a big storm came through and she was freaking out… and so was I.
Well I decided that it would be okay for her to sleep with me for the night since she was doing so well with potty training.

When I woke up this morning I was not feeling well at all. I tested and I was around 450 and I have not been that high in months. I was trying to figure out what had happend. I went for my pump to check and make sure I bolused for supper and thats when I about freaked out! There was a couple inches of tubbing connected to my site… but then it stopped. No pump. I was left with chewed up tubbing and a puppy laying beside me with the most innocent look ever!

I looked around for my pump and could not find it anywhere. I gave up and went and gave myself a injection to get that sugar down. After about 30 mins of searching I had to get ready for work. I took some lantus to last and got in the shower. When I went to get a towel from the large pile of clean clothes that really needs to be folded :slight_smile: There rolled out my insulin pump with half of a chewed up tubbing attached. I picked it up and made sure it wasn’t chewed on and thank god she didn’t touch the actual pump.

Today was quite a ride. I learned that if my pup sleeps with me I will have to tuck it into my pj bottoms. Also I am so glad I have the pump. today has been hell and I cant wait intill this lantus is out of my system and I can reconnect!

You must be some kind of sound sleeper.
Thanks for the cute story.

This story is just too cute! Gotta love the dogs, check out my little baby’s pics on my profile! Never trust the cute puppy dog face! lol