G5 Mobile Software Update

Just to confirm . . . this wasn’t part of the software update. I’ve been able to turn my iPhone landscape and see what @DrBB is speaking about since day 1 on G5. I think he is speaking about the iPhone interface vs. the receiver interface.

Yes, that’s correct–I was responding to the question about whether the iPhone interface is substantially different from the G4.

I also have a G5 sitting in a box waiting for me to either get tired of the G4, or it’s battery to finally die. The negative reviews have given me pause. And that the G5 transmitter is a bit larger, but I’m sure I’ll get over that eventually… maybe… Anyway, as long as my G4 continues to work, it’s hard to change what works.

Duh! :flushed:I get it now. Thanks for the clarification!

I definitely find this to be true. Too much traffic on the BT frequency can bump off any BT device, and this seems particularly prevalent with my G5 at work, where there are a lot of wireless and Bluetooth devices–I’m experiencing that right now as a matter of fact. Interestingly this is NOT a problem for the G5 receiver, or much less of one anyway: mine has not lost connection even though my phone has been unable to connect for the last 30 min. or so. That’s one reason I still carry it with me; another is that it’s just quicker to access. My wish list for a future update would be to have the app echo the current reading to the notifications screen on button-push, the way some other apps do.

Not sure why the phone should be more drop-prone than the receiver, other than the fact that I have several other BT devices paired on it where the receiver only supports the one. :confused:

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hmmmm interesting as I’ve had some drops when I’ve been a long distance from my iPhone, but nothing significant enough that would give me concern to go back to carrying the receiver. Most connected devices at once with no dropout/interference have been : G5, BT headset, BT speaker, and Apple Watch. So that’s 4 with no dropout.

@DrBB or anyone else - any insight on why we can’t connect the G5 transmitter directly to the Apple Watch via BT? Interestingly enough, when you go to the BT settings directly on the AW (not through the AW app on the iPhone/) there is a specific section for “Health Devices” and it just sits on “searching”. I’m wondering who is holding up the direct communication between the G5 transmitter and Apple Watch? Dexcom? Apple? The FDA? Would make sense to me to have a direct BT link instead of having to use the iPhone as the pass through.

A direct-to-watch link (whether it’s Apple Watch, Pebble or Androidwear watch) would probably be the “killer app” in my mind that might make me make the switch - even though I’d lose the CGM functionality on my Vibe! As it is, I see only disadvantages thus far. for me.

Good question. As far as I know, AW would be able to do that, so this is most likely in Dexcom’s court.

Thanks Dragan. Agreed. It would be so cool to see “Dexcom G5” under the health devices. Tried uploading a pic of my AW on the screen i’m talking about but it wouldn’t work.

Thanks for highlighting this. Is this for the user app (not the follow app)?

@mikep – This works, I just tried it:

Then I “airdropped” it to the download folder on my MacBook. I can give more detail if this is confusing. I’m assuming that you have an Apple Mac or other Apple computer.

Hey Terry - I should have been more clear. I was trying to upload the snap i took of my watch to my previous post and it was caught in an infinite state of “Uploading.” It said 100% in the reply box, but wouldn’t let me hit reply.

Interestingly, today’s extended iPhone dropout occurred during a 2hr “warm up” cycle. When the cycle ended the message to enter fingerstick data came up, that whole process went like usual and I’ve been connected ever since. Not the only circumstance when I’ve had a disconnect but this was definitely one of the longest, and it silently resumed connection when the cycle ended. I wouldn’t conclude it dropped connection because I was running the cycle–it was connected initially during that period–but it may be that it doesn’t re-connect after a momentary loss of signal when it’s in that mode, so what might have been an unnoticeably short outage got extended into a longer one.

Sorry for my long-winded detour! Could be a Discourse platform hiccup. Can you reply to my question in the best watch-face thread that I posted?

Hi. Is it true g4 receiver (with) share, can be upgraded to G5?


@pablito – Yes, but I understand that once upgraded, it cannot revert to the G4 Share status.

really that would be a bad movement… to me.

would be nice to confirm this. Maybe some try to update (505 software or similar) and then discover that receiver can´t be paired with g4 transmitter.

really not a lot information about this.


Terry4: I’m just curious for more info from you. I too am using the G4 ‘until the G4 transmitter dies,’ even though I have the G5 receiver(s) - (they sent TWO of them because apparently the battery life of the G5 receiver is (much) shorter than the G4. . . )

I’m even thinking about putting in the G5 transmitter AT THE SAME TIME that I have the G4 in, just so I can see what it’s like as compared to the G4.

I’m also curious - does the G5 battery start the first time you put the transmitter to use, or is it just sitting there, wasting way, even though I a have not started using it/them. . .

I think the clock starts counting down from the first time you pair the transmitter ID number with the receiver. I seem to remember that it’s hard-wired to time out in about 112 days. The clock is not ticking as they await their first use. That’s my understanding from what others here have reported.

G5 App updated again on iPhone.

-Now G5 has Apple Watch App - very nice and works well.
-Complication shortcut added as well. Tap the icon and takes you to G5 app on Apple Watch.
-Also, ability to add Dexcom widget to Today screen on iPhone. Very cool.

Dexcom continues to work and I’m loving the G5 app on my AW.